Xavi no merece semejante sainete

No, there is no fault of the club, much less of Xavi Hernandez. Everyone's eyes, especially those who have not yet been through and have not even spent a few minutes on Solas with l, have made every class of mistakes and little errors, ever since they started playing including. Where are you? It is difficult to have a memory with one of the footballers who entertained the blue players and the followers of the Spanish national team. United Nations VI

Ritoso, Oyega.

Xavi was clearly confused. In particular, to make sure that you cannot complete it.

Because right from the start, Barcelona started looking and learned that the club no longer existed. Especially in the financial plan, which many fear, which limits their movements. I conduct the conversation like a club man, and every job is on the other side. fisto le fisto,

It could be quite clear (it's the same and the team) is playing better, after beating La Liga 1-0

. From one point of view, I made a lot of money by visiting Madrid, which will be a lot more money than usual, and I also saw that. Another huge mistake

This relaxes, differentiates and makes a positive impact on the team

. No tofu lgica. When you have a dice game, the tree will return, start generating a message and each player makes war with their account. A special kind of girl to be. After all, it's Mayor Su Ha Sido's fault

Do not complete this word. Finish the time and retrieve the covers to pass later.

Have a La Liga level, a failed project, and a good future football force consolidated into the first team. And you will find another coach of a defender who can compete, who aspires to win the league and the champions with great files, which can be mortgaged for the future, after the sale of MS Patrimonio, that is many players with good courage on the market.

Xavi has managed to escape injury time as before. There is no limit to this truth.

Caso Negrera. Semana 68 Demisiones, 0; cesses, 0.

The white bonus to the public in the bar's payments to the negroes has been abolished, being closed in the process against the club. Const that sports corruption will remain open.

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