Soraya Arnelas en Eurovisin y Palestina: “No llev la bandera de Extremadura para no crear confusin”

sUiz Espaa is one of the neutral countries in all the politics created at Eurovisin 2024. Neither the representatives nor the Nebulosa nor the rest of the Spanish commissioners have been officially announced about the participation in Israel or the removal of sediments in the Bahamas. Si lo hicieron with la Victoria de Nemo and Suiza: “We are very content and happy, and we enjoy Nemo's content“We want an interesting and interesting proposal for you.”

Soraya Arnelas is part of this way of going beyond what can be disposed of during the return of politics. Spain's representative at Eurovision receives the votes of the national jury. Maximum decided not to pass on any details or gesture to his independent community due to his parents being with the Palestine Gang.

The result is that the strip of Extremadura is equal to the strip of Palestine. It is green, white and black, as is the case with Palestine, which embraces the Red Franks. “So, in order to make the right decision, in order not to want to be politicized and not to want to enter into discussions,” she begins to explain in a pre-festival interview on the Frmula TV channel. This promise has been fulfilled.

Soraya recalled that in the first moment, you discuss details with the owners, but do not negotiate with your partner: “I made a small plot on my land, left that area, but in the end decided not to use anything of any kind. “He preferred not to get involved in this matter and it should not be confusing.”

Soraya Arnelas at Eurovisi
Soraya Arnelas at Eurovisi

Social communities “decide” their decision

The cash lady of the beneficiary, Miguel Lavarez, was very big before the expulsion decision: “Soraya Arnelas, Eurovision civil rights campaigner, defends being ‘neutral’ with the Palestinian genocide and I will not leave an extremist symbol so as not to mix with the Palestinians. Menoda sinvergenza. “No merecemos esta mierda presentacin.” Ningn commentario explains the Spanish actor's decision.


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