El Real Madrid busca un doblete europeo slo visto una vez: Champions y Euroliga

May 26 and June 1. Those who know that madridism has a mark on the calendar. First, the Ball Team can announce the Euroleague camp. In the second, football can lead champions.

One week ago, Real Madrid aspires to obtain the European double that history will achieve once. This property is owned by Equipo Blanco in 2018. So, the ftbol Liverpool defeated 3-1 In the final of the disputing champions in Kyiv. Petanque will be played in the Euroleague Janando Fenerbahce with a score of 85-80 In Belgrade.

In 2022, it will deliver another blow when teams from both divisions qualify for their respective finals. New Football beat Liverpool 1-0, but tied at 57-58 against Anadolu Efes.

In 2024, the Whites will earn the right and soar to repeat those moves. The football team arrived in Berlin to compete in the Final Four after dominating the regular season with a historic 27-7 record and eliminating Baskonia in the four-way playoff (3-0). The first goal was to face Olympiacos in this season's semi-final In case of victory, the truth is with Gandor Panathinaikos-Fenerbahce.

Borussia, the last obstacle to the 10th Cup

The group led by Carlo Ancelotti will face off in the Champions League final against Borussia Dortmund at Wembley. This is the base of the pica, including a costumbra. Manchester City face an unsolvable four-point penalty with Lunin as a major hero and Ridiger scoring the decisive goal. In the semi-finals, the encounter was replayed against Bayern Munich with two rounds from Joselu as he prepared for the chronometer.

It could be the 12th European Volleyball Cup and the 10th Football Cup with less than a week of difference They re-opened 2018 and won 23-24, one of the best achievements in Real Madrid's history. Please confirm this Domino de los Blancos in big competitions in the palm like the actual era: the ball looks at the fourth quarter of the Europa League in new editions and football, sixta champions in 11 years.


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