2024 Isle of Man TT Supersport, Qualifying: Todd Fastest After First Night

Davey Todd was fastest in the first Supersport class qualifier at the 2024 Isle of Man TT, ahead of James Hillier and Michael Dunlop.

Behind, James Hind finished an impressive fourth, ahead of Dean Harrison on his UK Honda machine, while Jimmy Coward completed the top six. Peter Hickman was seventh, ahead of Josh Brookes, Connor Cummins and Mike Brown who rounded out the top ten.

Full Supersport results from the Isle of Man TT Q1 below.

2024 Isle of Man TT | SuperSport | Qualification 1
POS Ryder a team motorcycle Timing/average speed
1 Davey Todd Powertoolmate Ducati Ducati Panigale V2 18:01.425/125.601
2 James Hillier Bournemouth Kawasaki Race Kawasaki ZX-6R 18:02.439/125.483
3 Michael Dunlop md racing Triumph Street Triple 765 18:06.208/125.408
4 James Hind North Linux Components Suzuki GSX-R750 18:11.092/124.488
5 Dean Harrison Honda racing uk Honda CBR600RR 18:15.561/123/980
6 Jimmy Coward KTS Racing/Stanley Stewart Racing Triumph Street Triple 765 18:16.868/123.783
7 Peter Hickman Troop victory through PHR performance Triumph Street Triple 765 18:17.305/123.783
8 Josh Brooks Boyce Precision Engineering Russell Racing Yamaha R6 18:22.115/123.243
9 Connor Cummins Milenko from Padgett Motorcycles Honda CBR600RR 18:23.357/123.104
10 Mike Brown BPE from Russell Racing Yamaha R6 18:25.699/122.843
11 Dom Herbertson Burrows by RK Racing Yamaha R6 18:29.506/122.422
12 Paul Jordan Jackson Racing by Prosper^2 Honda CBR600RR 18:35.484/121.766
13 Rob Hodson Vehicle Recovery/SMT Services Yamaha R6 18:37.431/121.554
14 Michael Evans Smith race Triumph Street Triple 765 18:39.420/121.338
15 Shawn Anderson Butterfields at Skipton Suzuki GSX-R750 18:43.860/120.858
16 Joe Yeardsley Spinarena.net Yamaha R6 18:44.626/120.776
17 Craig Neff Bathams Racing Triumph Street Triple 765 18:45.947/120.634
18 Joey Thompson Seventy Four Racing game from Genetech Yamaha R6 18:59.548/119.195
19 Ian Hutchinson Milenko from Padgett Motorcycles Honda CBR600RR 19:08.953/118.219
20 Stefano Bonetti Kaiju racing Yamaha R6 19:08.981/118.216
21 Jonathan Goichi Optimark road racing Yamaha R6 19:17.026/117.394
22 Barry Furber Clem Davies Racing Kawasaki ZX-6R 19:18.853/117.209
23 Alan Venter TH Racing/Honda SA Honda CBR600RR 19:20.549/117.038
24 Pierre Yves Bien Troop victory through PHR performance Triumph Street Triple 765 19:21.602/166.932
25 Michael Sweeney M building Yamaha R6 19:23.080/116.783
26 David Rigby IM Racing Island Fuels 1886 IM Racing Man Plastering Kawasaki ZX-6R 19:23.697/116.721
27 Ryan Kringle Parker Transport Race Yamaha R6 19:24.564/116.634
28 Stephen Parsons Giraffe race Triumph Daytona 675R 19:29.724/116.120
29 Sam West Moto-Hub.co.uk Ducati Panigale V2 19:31.439/115.950
30 Gareth Arnold Cotton race Kawasaki ZX-6R 19:32.748/115.820
31 Forrest Dunn Forrest Dan Race Kawasaki ZX-6R 19:26.852/115.416
32 Jimmy Kringle Parker Transport Race Yamaha R6 19:38.675/115.238
33 Michael Russell Fraser evans tire recycling Kawasaki ZX-6R 19:42.000/114.914
34 Timothy Mono Mutuain Yamaha R6 19:43.637/114.755
35 Mark Goodings Steady race away Yamaha R6 19:45.321/114.592
36 Mike Norbury Norbury Racing/McNeil Kawasaki ZX-6R 19:48.479/114.287
37 Tom Weeden Club77 Yamaha R6 19:51.823/113.967
38 Darryl Tweed Never be a smart race Yamaha R6 19:53.756/113.782
39 Paul Williams Potchy's MOT station Triumph Daytona 675R 19:54.014/113.757
40 James Chuck ILR with developments of frog compounds Honda CBR600RR 19:56.591/113.512
41 Anthony Redmond Green ant race Yamaha R6 19:56.591/113.512
42 Mark Barrett Mark Barrett Electric Yamaha R6 19:57.045/113.469
43 Richard Charlton LCC/Michelin Group Yamaha R6 19:57.614/113.415
44 Paul Cassidy Island Fuel by Esim Go Yamaha R6 19:58.522/113.330
45 Jack Petrie People'sBike.com/International Motors Yamaha R6 20:00.728/113.121
46 Jonathan Perry Helen Cowley model Honda CBR600RR 20:09.431/112.307
47 George Halliday Stanford Halliday race Yamaha R6 20:11.765/112.091
48 Jack Fowler Fowler's race Triumph Street Triple 765 20:17.339/111.578
49 David Brock BrookSuspension.co.uk Triumph Street Triple 765 20:27.672/110.639
50 Craig Szczepek Manor Flooring/Oxford Joinery Kawasaki ZX-6R 20:52.163/108.475
51 Kevin Keyes Darakur race Yamaha R6 21:41.858/104.334
52 Marcus Simpson GPS racing Triumph Street Triple 765 Time not specified
53 Julian Trumer Jackson Racing by Prosper^2 Honda CBR600RR Time not specified


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