Why are Borussia Dortmund known as BVB?

Saturday Wembley stadium Borussia Dortmund's appearance will be the third time the German team has participated in the UEFA Championship after their first win in 1997 over Juventus. Their second Champions League final was an exclusive Bundesliga match and was also held at Wembley in 2012 but Arjen Robben's late goal in the 89th minute was enough for Bayern to deny the Ruhr, although the pain of the defeat in north London is still fresh in the minds of many Dortmund fans 12 years on.

Edin Terzic's side enter Saturday's match as clear underdogs With European Cup specialists Real Madrid chasing a stunning 15th European win, few would have expected the German side to reach this stage of the competition having beaten Atletico Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain on their way to Wembley.

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Dortmund player Marco Reus celebrates scoring a 2-0 lead with his team during a football match in the German Football League Friedman VogelEvie

Although Real Madrid are favorites on Saturday, Dortmund will be the most supported team in London with more than 400,000 fans clamoring for Premier League tickets. 19,000 from UEFA's allotment with thousands of Dortmund fans expected to make the trip to the English capital without tickets.

Why is Dortmund known as BVB?

Many observers have noted that Borussia Dortmund The club's crest bears the letters BVB without the reference to Dortmund in the abbreviation and These three letters are far from being a direct abbreviation of the club's name.

Why is Borussia Dortmund known as BVB?

This abbreviated name comes from the club's full title, which is “Bcom. allspielFifthIrene BOrussia 09 V Dortmund.” Breaking this down into English, it translates as: 'Football Club – Borussia – 1909 – Registered Association – Dortmund. The last part of the name indicates the city in which the club is located, while the “09” section indicates that the club was founded in 1909.


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