Why doesn’t MLS stop during the FIFA international breaks?

Major League Soccer has become one of the most popular leagues internationally in recent years. The purchasing power of franchises is rising season after season, and the “Messi phenomenon” has given rise to the league, attracting a new audience of fans.

However, unlike other international leagues, MLS does not follow FIFA's international match calendar. While other major leagues around the world pause during international breaks, North American competitions continue to move on as if nothing has happened. but why?

There are several answers to this question – each with its own reason, but it all boils down to the calendar set by the competition itself. Unlike South America or Europe, The regular season in the United States usually begins in mid-February. That's why FIFA does not consider Major League Soccer a regular competition Because of his model, as follows Same model as others North American competitions: NFL, NHL And NBA. However, after Messi's arrival, several members of the league's technical committee suggested postponing the league So that Lionel Messi does not miss any match with Inter Miami.

Non-stop calendar

The calendar is the big problem in the United States. there Many other North American soccer leagues except MLS – League Cup, US Open Cup, CONCACAF Champions Cup, matching all the dates in a calendar year can be a real headache. Even the match programming for these four competitions means many matches, many minutes and a few days of rest between match days.

That's why Stopping the MLS for international breaks is simply impossible In the current climate. “We can't afford itDon Garber, The MLS commissioner explained. “If we have to shut down the league and lose games, it impacts our players. It impacts our partners. It impacts our fans. It impacts everything MLS has to offer for all of our stakeholders.” The 2026 World Cup is a completely different animal. I can't imagine that we will play matches during the World CupBut the economic impact of this is huge.”

This obstacle has led to several complaints from franchise owners, players and coaches alike. In recent years, the league has allowed more than 75 players to leave to be with their national teams during international breaks, with some teams having to release up to nine or ten players for each date. With Messi's arrival, the league is expected to be revamped as many teams are now getting destroyed during the break itself, losing points and games that can mean the difference between a good season and a bad one.


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