Real Madrid: La importancia de Kepa, Joselu y Brahim en los xitos del Real Madrid para Ancelotti

Focus on Vinicius, Bellingham, Kroos or ValverdeBut the real Real Madrid was built on the basis of everyone's efforts, but with three players, each one playing his role, who played when he played and, when he did not play. Son Kiba, Joselu and Ibrahim. “If I am in London and we win the Spanish League, it is for them,” he said, listening to these meetings that will take place in Valdebebas every day.

If concrete, los numeros estn ah. enormous. Joselu amassed 48 appearances, with 17 goals (advertised in the Super Cup) and three assists; Abraham played 44 matches, scoring 12 goals and making two new assists, while Kepa participated in 19 matches, coming off the goal on some occasions. Intangible things know how alive they are in relation to them I have realized the importance to you.

Despedidas, the pests… Abraham and Joselu appeared.

Real Madrid has been staying for a long time and it is a move to monitor the note of honor. They started to improve and faced the problems that appeared at the beginning of the season such as injuries to Courtois and Militao, with Benzema helping. Special Hasta Ancelotti admits what impressed his team, which was in the first months of the competition You don't have to worry about this performance.

It's been an exciting time for footballers. The Spanish League is historically white and the champions are one step ahead The technology has the clarity that it has it all doneOn this occasion that eventually happened again, but in this case looked forward to success, the Real Madrid coaching staff coincided with the coronation of the three players, cuyo comportamiento y aportacin ha sido basic.

Read the burn status

Joselo and Brahim are away on points, not losing, but ending their talks with the main stars of the match. With goals and minutes of quality, but everything means what Real Madrid is and represents typical behavior from the start in which Valdebebas appeared. There's no bad sign, no bad word. Individual work and ms work.

There are principled men, especially in Ibrahim, but the footballer has shaken off the crumb of frustration, You will be able to convert back to your home page from Real Madrid Yes, for everything, thanks for Ancelotti's full trust. Tanto como para ser consideration is vital in prxima temporada. When I'm out of my mind about needing to take minutes, the Malago makes a certain gesture. Nonka

Joselu se ha convertido en un fijo. Tan solo I lost three posts This has become a reference for this Madrid club that it does not deserve. Su da da en Valdebebas le havaldo to get all to all, including directions, that will lead to increased overbooking of participants in the first campaign without continuing continuity.

Kepa, an example of everything that happened

Third on this list is Kepa. Let's give up a contract with Bayern Munich. It will be possible to arrive in Valdebebas. It's all for the sumar and where the hecho is when he's jugado and whoever he isAlthough not all footballers want to enter or even do so.

Yes, Kepa was a key player in the Real Madrid legends in the current team. You are in the tres palos and in the su da a da, a portando and consejando a color in aquellos penaltis ante el City. He was a support for Courtois, but everything he carried as a club player, as well as a man. Cumpla un sueo que todava no ha end.


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