Norris details challenge of staggering Verstappen feat

Max Verstappen did something quite remarkable last weekend at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, with the Red Bull driver winning two races on the same day. Lando Norris is “ready” to attempt this feat.

In addition to winning at Imola ahead of Lando Norris by just seven-tenths of a second, the world champion was also part of the winning team at the virtual 24 Hours of Nürburgring.

Surprisingly, Verstappen completed his stint in the virtual race ahead of Norris, as the event was filmed live.

Clips and photos of Verstappen racing in the virtual event were quickly circulated on social media, with the Dutchman being questioned about the uniqueness of what he achieved in the post-race press conference.

“Not in one day, not in the simulator either,” Verstappen said when asked if he had won two races the day before.

“We prepared well for it, and of course I am happy with the result.”

“I might have stayed awake longer.”

Norris was also asked about Verstappen's achievement and whether he could achieve the same, with the Imola GP winner chiming in by revealing that the pair had previously competed in a simulator event together.

“Did you know we drove 24 hours to the spa together?” “We've driven together before. I've done my bit,” Verstappen said before Norris added.

Verstappen then laughed and joked: “He retired. It's like I did it.”

Norris often races in a simulator on the YouTube channel Quadrant — the company he founded — but has never had any simulators with him at the track.

He would be willing to try to race in a virtual event on the same weekend as the Grand Prix, but he is naturally spending less time at present in the virtual world.

“I've never tried it, and I don't have a simulator with me [during weekends]“Norris said.

“I still do it, but not as much as I used to. I play more golf now, Max hates golf. So I've never tried it. I'll be up for it, and I also stayed up late to watch a boxing match. And you don't sleep much anyway.”

Norris continued: “I also don't think he (Verstappen) is the one paying the biggest price for this. Otherwise he probably wouldn't have done it.”

“He also didn't drive until late. He did a few laps and then got ready for the race. Anyway, it's not a physical effort, it's more mental. It might be a bit painful, but I think I might have stayed awake longer.” “.


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