Nikola Jokic y su presencia en los Juegos Olmpicos: “Es falso”

Cuando Nikola Jokic Fue eliminado junto sus The Denver Nuggets are in the playoffs In the NBA for the Minnesota Timberwolves part of the ceremony, one of the first questions asked the leaguers who will play the Serbian team Olimpico de Pars. You have been answered. “I need to think“.

After noticing a notification on the red social network, X de la que se hizo eco un media serbio Talk about confirming that Jokic is in the games With your choice. However, the provocative information of the Serbian Mukhtar Svetislav Pesicsent a response to another Serbian website,, commenting on the news: “A journal posted on Twitter a false notice…When the present moment is real information,” Pesic says.

You have to live in Serbia, She's especially particular about whether or not the Nuggets recognize the roster And, basically, the comfort it offers or not. al fin y al capo, Serbia is the actual sub-championship of the world and it is a championship, in 2023, so that Jokic does not recognize the NBA title with the Nuggets. Earlier, the “Joker” was eliminated in the team in the quarter-finals of the European Football Championship in Italy. So, Jokic got a gold medal of his choice at the 2016 Games, and it had no impact on the game as it stands now.


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