Golpe del Bayern a Xabi Alonso: Jonathan Tah, cerrado

Bayern Munich is a club that always serves the national market In order to perpetuate its dominance in the Bundesliga and begin expanding into Europe. Bocus are the talented people who explore Germany and fight back against the giant of Baviera. On this occasion, “The Cursed” is Bayer Leverkusen, the blazing Bundesliga champions. Yes, the superior club is desperate to get an important hit for the team led by Xabi Alonso with Message from Jonathan Tah. The movement in which the press is considered good is practically considered. The Hamburgo defender, in this way, is at the point of exit from the Espriñas Club after new periods of time have passed.

This was reported by Florian Plettenberg, newspaper journalist Sky Sports. This information is available Bayern secured the overall title with Tah, the 28-year-old central defender at Leverkusen. I'm not talking about nominations, but the German national team is scheduled to sign a contract for five seasons: until June 30, 2029. In this way, the team headed by Vincent Kompany has services One of the Born of the Year in the German League. A dominant defender is a defender who has played a key card in Bayer's Xabi Alonso team, and is a defensive facet as simple as creating the game.


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You will spend weeks on Bayern's schedule and still achieve your priority goal, but The Bavarian character has other things in the manga Por si lastmente no podia acometer su contratación. The main Plan B that is Parajaba, which is the equivalent of Aponta Plettenberg, is Levi Colwell. English Central Defense, 21 years old Show all your potential right now at the Brighton concert, that is, He did his PhD with Chelsea and played more than 2,000 minutes. These injuries became more regular and contested, and she was called up for Gareth Southgate's European Championships.

Prohibition of Sin, Aunt Jonathan Tah Parisi Cerrado, He was not released today so Colwell can remind Bayern. siempre segun plettenberg, Leverkusen's league is not an obstacle to playing in Chelsea's midfield. The London club, currently has no other planes: led by Fabrizio Romano, and has no intention of getting out of this situation.

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