Ferrari reveal aggressive plan to eliminate Red Bull gap

Ferrari team principal Frederic Vasseur has revealed in detail his plan to close the gap with Red Bull.

Red Bull has won five out of seven races this year, but faced a challenge from McLaren in the previous two rounds, with the Woking-based team claiming victory in Miami.

Ferrari currently appear to be the third fastest team, but showed encouraging pace at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix last time out.

Charles Leclerc, who crossed the finish line in third place, was only seven seconds behind race winner Max Verstappen.

While Ferrari is looking to achieve its first win in Monaco since 2017 this weekend, Vasseur pointed out that the car settings will be a decisive factor on the track, which is difficult to overcome.

“I think the competition will be everywhere [during the season]Vasseur told the media including Racing News 365.

“The car settings will be decisive next week in Monaco. The driver’s performance will be decisive.”

Increase the frequency of promotion

Ferrari has also brought a significant upgrade package to Imola as it seeks to continue its upward trajectory.

But with the standings at the top of the field closing in, Vasseur insisted his side must pick up the pace of promotion so as not to lose touch with the early favourites.

“What is true is that we have now reached a stage where we will have to accelerate the development process, because imagine that someone could bring an upgrade for one race before when you have three teams in the ten, you can jump from P5 to P1,” he said.

“This means we will have to speed up time.

“We've already had a post-race discussion about this, and it will be crucial.

“But we also have to be aware that we are now chasing the last hundreds. It is not anymore, an upgrade in five-tenths.

“This means you also have to make sure what you bring works. This will be the main factor in the next few events.”


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