F1 smashed by Formula E following unveiling of new car

Formula E officially unveiled the Gen3 Evo (Gen3.5) at a fantastic – attended event Racing News 365 – At the Circuit de Monaco, ahead of this weekend's Monaco E-Prix.

The car will be launched from the start of Season 11 (2024/25) and the sport will continue until it moves into the fourth generation era in 2026/27. An incredible amount of work has gone into the new car, and it's a clear upgrade over the current Gen3 machines.

Since the introduction of the Gen3 was so last-minute, it should come as no surprise that the Gen3 Evo's performance is at a different level.

With a 0-60mph time of 1.82 seconds and a top speed of 200mph, it will be the world's fastest single-seater, 30% faster than Formula 1 today. The Gen3 Evo will also be fitted with the new, softer Hankook iON tire, giving drivers approximately 10% better grip.

The Gen3 Evo will obviously look somewhat different from the current Gen3 car, thanks to a new body kit and tweaks to the front wing.

For the first time in Formula E history, the Gen3 Evo will also be equipped with all-wheel drive, which will be usable during qualifying duels, race starts and when in attack mode. This will increase traction and acceleration.

In total, the Gen3 Evo will still produce 350 kilowatts of power (about 470 hp), but will have 600 kilowatts of regenerative braking power that can be fully recharged in 30 seconds once an Attack Charge is performed.

Surprisingly, 50% of the energy that will be used during the races will be produced through regenerative braking during the races themselves.

The Gen3 Evo is a giant step up for Formula E and reduces the gap in terms of lap time to F1.

“The GEN3 Evo heralds a pioneering chapter in the evolution of Formula E, embodying our dedication to innovation and high performance delivered sustainably,” said Geoff Dodds, CEO of Formula E.

“Featuring unprecedented acceleration and advanced aerodynamic design, the car which I was honored to unveil in Monaco is set to heighten the excitement of our racing, captivating our drivers and fans around the world with truly superior capabilities and performance.”

Hardware smoothing ends

Of course, another important part of the Gen3 Evo is that powertrain suppliers will be able to offer entirely new powertrains, with hardware homologation ending at the end of the current season.

All of these factors combined mean that lap times next season will be much faster, with simulations already suggesting that next year's Monaco E-Prix will see lap times two seconds faster.

Formula E does all this while continuing to support the environment and combat climate change, with the new tires in particular being made from 35% sustainable and recycled materials.

The FIA ​​was also present at the launch of the Gen3 Evo, with FIA President Mohamed Bin Sulayem hailing the new car as a “big leap forward”.

Bin Sulayem said: “The FIA ​​and Formula E are working hard on the development of the new GEN3 Evo race car, which represents another major leap forward in electric racing technology.”

“I would like to thank the FIA ​​and Formula E teams for the hard work that underscores our shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of sustainable motorsport, while delivering competitive racing.”


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