El Inter ya anuncia dos grandes fichajes: Zielinski y Taremi

Inter's victory in the Italian League has been certified, after the 2023 Champions League final, and the Nerazzurri have won a great run.. What is about to end is a time brought to perfection, with a single great moon: the night of the Metropolitano against the Olympians. The Milanese want to continue growing and take off to a completely legal level in Europe, and have moved in time to renew their cultivation using a specialist from the House of Consultants Commissioner Beppe Marotta: Free agents.

The Nerazzurri have secured talent portfolios such as Piotr Zielinski and Mehdi Taremi. Napoli were champions, winning the Italian League title and the Italian Cup, in other seasons, with 364 appearances and 51 goals. He has become a key part of the midfield with all the coaches and has reshaped Inzaghi's muscle, which will also provide a great alternative on the far side. The Iranians sail their adventure in “Chance” through four rounds, with 180 attendances and 90 goals, perfect numbers for one point.

Double incorporation is a sonic secret, but today Dario Pacin, Inter's assistant manager, said: “We are happy with our experience in transplanting players like Zielinski and Taremi. He is an elegant person who we like. Our project that we also want to achieve in the future.” Guidance, by marketing, also comment on two pages you don't log in to a good places: “Julian Alvarez and Retegui are in their current position. “We like a lot, but we can't combine them for different reasons.” From the future, Brazilian Pinto This is the main name that appreciates the interest in the portal: “It's one of the profiles we notice through research. He is very valuable for the call in choosing Brazil. “Establish your search for new items on your new list.”

Finally, Paquin calmed down Renewals for three key men such as Lautaro, Barella and technician Simone Inzaghi: “With everyone we have a mutual will to continue together. So you can add up the numbers, but with a relationship you don't have to worry. Seguiremos y muy contentos.”

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