Betis: Isco lo logr y lo volver a lograr

You have eliminated tasks and focus and are no longer focused on l, because ftbol and lo que le Rodea olvida rpido, demasiado, quiero hablar de Isco Alarkin And your way of facing the skin. Quentin en el Betis Who is the jugador and who is the one who cares about what happens if the acer can be sick with suerte, who is the one who gets pregnant a day apuntaba CocoPara el que no ha Tenido ya no una mala palabra,

It's bad thinking, he says, once and for all: “The DM could be wrong about what he or she should do.” For example, I won't be able to get one of the answers I ask you

The entrevista que hicimos no hace todava ni un ao

, when all the world is away working out solo at a gym preparing for your trip. Questions in order to complement the conversation about the choice, with a voice and a sparkle on the eyes that convey emotion and persuasion. Andaba for tons in Equipo, trabajando en la

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We have many professionals and friends who are now leaving alone. Yes, this is Isco in the process of being revived in Spain. This will be determined by everything. It is impossible not to offend Isco, without losing another pasta, and facing the front. They cry on the lograra, then they consigui. Burke

Isco is no longer playing in Germany, making the European Cup squad

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Miguel Angel Lara

El pasado mercules, -s, el da de- y iso fa a mesa. He has been invited and Isco would probably be interested

Las ultimas declaraciones de la Fuente

If you're talking about the best of the best. Because he tricks you into the bag, gets to the field guarding nothing, and makes the pie when there are so many other people disappearing.


Escape in order to complete the arrogant football stereo, respectful of every second of this sport, where I feel everything good and could be on a football field: humble, good in comparison, coach, legend, youngest…

For this reason, in a few months, he became the president of one of the world's exclusive clubs.

Now, this work is focused on surprising, discovering the truth about football and new life. What we want is build and speed that we can all do it in one second. Each time working solitary, she outpaces the other on a journey full of tolos and obstacles and brings together all the people whose magic remains intact.

But do you think you'll really score?

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