Bayern Munich release statement over Thomas Tuchel comments following Barcelona links

Bayern Munich have done their best to shut down speculation that their manager Thomas Tuchel could be interested in leaving them for Barcelona at the end of the season. The German coach made comments on the Spanish league after he was asked about the country at a fan event.

Tuchel told the press and fans at the event that La Liga was an ‘extraordinary league’, and that the idea of moving abroad was still something that attracted him, having had spells in England and France. Coming less than 24 hours after Xavi Hernandez had announced his impending departure, many people put two and two together. Bayern Munich have released the following statement in response.

“On Sunday, as part of a visit to a fan club, the fans asked our coach Thomas Tuchel about his coaching career and his previous experiences abroad, at PSG and Chelsea FC and, of course , he gave information about it in the conversation. He also answered general questions from fans about Spain as a football country. He never spoke about Xavi Hernandez and his successor, as was later falsely stated. We will no longer accept such unobjective statements against our coach, that always come from the same place.”

While Bayern’s stance is understandable, at the very least Tuchel’s comments were imprudent if perhaps innocent. Having worked at PSG, Chelsea, and now Bayern, he will be more than aware of the necessary care that must be taken with his words in public.


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