Andorra, Villarreal B y Alcorcn no quieren caer a la ‘Primera’

This second stage could pass into the annals of history From the category. My father and his family, Three days failed to finish the regular Spanish LeagueThere is nothing conclusive.

This is La Brixima Jornada, Forty, can be the key to identifying initial equipment and class loss: Andorra, Villarreal B and Alcorn will be able to offer the opportunity to play in the Premier League.

Los de Costa, Lavarez, and Nefti expect their results to be useful to their interests. All the video with the penltima jornada, No 41.

The three colors gain…

With new hits in the Hypermotion League game, el Andorra cholesta With 37 points it is a siete del Mirands, which defines continuity with 44.

Andorra is located in the middle of the National Stadium in Burgos and qualifies for the Spanish Premier League. Beardindependently of the rest of the backcourt results.

The tricolor group lost the same category com. empata You can also get paintings of mirands or if the amorite is a janah.

Los de Ferran Costa Tampin Bodran Pagar Janando. For this to succeed he produces a Carambola trilogy: he has earned the Mirande and as Eldense as Huesca, at least, sympathizes.

Children depend on L

El filial is five points of continuity when the new fails in the discussion, because it slo le vale hacer Complete victories The three parts that rest there Keep an eye out for your competition's tropizos Ms. directions.

Category consumption may confirm that this product contains one derrota Against Albacete in La Cermica, always Mirande went to Andova in Elche and Huesca headed to Alcoraz In front of Racing Santander.

Sh Impati Descending from Mirands and Huesca ganan. A trio, changing, keeping the boys alive as he goes through the rest of the day.

Parental Throttle will open on Day 40so people can know all the results before playing.

Blood vessels can be lost

Sh Amorebieta de las Niras Dera de la Segunda This is the end of the week. In case of loss in El Heledoro And in Victoria del Mirandes before Elche, Los de Leandro is in a very picturesque location, as is the case with them Andova The distance between the points is done.

No ban, spend six months in the game and enjoy it Duelo entre ambos equiposOn the last day, however golaverage favor los vascos.

Alvarios: 4 involved

Sh Alcorcn is three points of permanenceAunque lo cierto es que hade el golaverage perdido con casi todos sus direct competitors For sulfacin.

In fact, I think you will achieve new points in the game, Alcor Budra is a descendant of this day.

So, that's the case Before Valladolid And that's what happened to him Mirandes, Huesca, Eldens and Real Zaragoza are gathering everywhere. All of which, under the circumstances, plays out at home and on this day.


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