Alpine threatens ‘consequences’ for Ocon beyond grid penalty

Alpine Formula 1 Championship Director Bruno Famine has taken a very dim view of Esteban Ocon's role in the Monaco Grand Prix collision between the team and Pierre Gasly – which also resulted in Ocon receiving a gridiron penalty.

Ocon spun into teammate Gasly's car into Portier's car on the opening lap of the original race start, and Gasly's Alpine car ended up pressed against the outside barrier, resulting in a flying moment for Ocon and reported damage to both cars.

On Ocon's part, it was important enough that he was unable to restart the race after the race was red-flagged for a different incident – with Ocon saying “the gearbox was the biggest damage” and Famine explaining that a change would be required.

While F1's lenient policy on the first lap likely contributed to the lack of action on the Sergio Perez/Kevin Magnussen clash that brought out the red flag and the Oscar Piastri/Carlos Sainz rally a few meters ahead, it was not enough for Ocon to He intervenes. To be exempted as well.

“It was clear to us that the collision was caused solely by an over-ambitious overtaking attempt, from too far, by car No. 31.” [Ocon]”, they wrote.

Therefore, Ocon was “entirely responsible for the accident.”

Since he was unable to serve this race in the race, following his retirement, it will now be switched to a significant drop on the grid – from five places – which Ocon is scheduled to serve in Canada.

Famine's appearance on French channel Canal+ during the race made clear that he had a similar view of the incident.

“It's sad, this kind of incident. This is exactly what we didn't want to see,” he said, before clarifying that it was Ocon's attack that he considered “totally” inappropriate.

“And there will be appropriate consequences,” he added, before noting that they would be swift and significant.

When asked about the penalty decision by The Race, Ocon offered “no comment” in the media – and regarding the incident itself he said he “didn't really review it so couldn't answer.”

He admitted “you have to be careful” while fighting a teammate, but said mistakes are a natural result of “giving 120%” to get points.

Later on social media, Okon spoke in a more apologetic tone.

“Today's accident was my fault,” he wrote. “The gap was too small in the end and I apologize to the team for that.

“I hope to get the points the team deserves today.”


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