Zhou refusing to be buried under never-felt-before weight of pressure

Zhu Guanyu admitted the pressure he is under this weekend at the Chinese Grand Prix has reached a level he has “never felt before”, as he becomes the Asian nation's first-ever Formula 1 driver on home soil.

The Stake F1 driver received a massive roar for every lap he completed at the Shanghai International Circuit, as the host champion received a hero's welcome.

He shined on Friday as he advanced to SQ3 and performed admirably on Saturday morning as he dropped a point in the sprint race by one place. However, the weekend reached a bad point during qualifying.

Zhou got locked up at Turn 14 on his final hot lap which eliminated him in Q1, leaving him to start the home race from 16th.

When asked who Racing News 365 If he was disappointed to be eliminated from Q1 after his impressive performance up to that point, Cho said: “Yes, I mean I closed Turn 14. I went almost straight, and that's when the lap time was in Q2.

“Let's say we had better days, but still, I'm sure we can make up for it tomorrow. I feel the energy is high and I will give everything I can in the Grand Prix.”

“A very special feeling”

The level of support the Chinese driver received this weekend was overwhelming, demonstrating in many ways the importance of having a driver from China in Formula 1.

However, as Zhou discovered, the massive support also came with pressure at a level he had never seen before, which he had no choice but to deal with.

“Yes, I mean before the first FP1, before the first qualifying yesterday, of course, I feel great [high amount of] “Attention and high pressure, too,” Zhou said.

“A very high level that I have never felt before. I still feel very comfortable after yesterday and even this morning. And of course, things can still happen, and change as quickly as what went wrong today, outside of the first division.

“But I still feel the energy really getting to me and it really boosts me to have such a proud crowd and support all over this paddock.”

Looking ahead to Sunday's race, Cho plans to embrace the atmosphere rather than give in to the pressure.

While the intense pressure was very new to him, the 24-year-old is treating it as an “honor” and will reflect on how he deals with his new-found stardom after the Grand Prix.

“I think tomorrow will not be a good time for me to think about the pressure in terms of the crowd because I will enjoy every second moment of this Grand Prix,” Zhou added.

“Of course, the first time I come here for the Chinese Grand Prix is ​​a very special feeling. For me, I feel like I just want to focus on my job and I can think about that afterwards.

“But yeah, up until now, nothing like this has ever happened before in my life. So it's great to get this. Not in terms of attention, but more like this honor to be the one to get the support back home.”


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