Why did Rubiales, Messi, and Piqué allegedly try to divert UEFA funds in 2020?

in 2020According to the Spanish newspaper The Objective, a series of leaked messages and audio recordings shed light on secret negotiations between football stars. Lionel Messi And Gerrard Piqueformer European Football Association (Royal Spanish Football Federation) President Luis RubialesAnd European Football Association president Alexander Severin. Discussions focused on financial matters during Covid-19 pandemic.

The pandemic has disrupted football leagues around the world, leading to revenue losses and reduced player salaries. F.C.BWhere Messi and Pique played, they faced financial challenges due to declining revenues from matches and sponsorship.

According to the Spanish newspaper, Messi and Pique proposed transferring funds from the European Football Association to… Certain compensation“Players to reduce their salaries. The idea was to use UEFA's financial reserves to ease the financial pressure on players. In the audio recordings, Rubiales explained to Ceferin that Messi and Pique stressed the need for secrecy, out of fear Violent reaction if negotiations are revealed. The leaked messages revealed their concern about public perception.

What did Pique say to Luis Rubiales?

In audio recordings obtained by The Objective, Pique and Luis Rubiales had their first conversation April 2, 2020. With Messi's approval, Pique told Rubiales that the Argentine footballer is concerned about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on his team. A contract worth $75 million annually.

According to reports, Barcelona proposed reducing the wages of its employees by up to 70% a week ago, and the club decided to reduce the wages of its employees by up to 70%. Ballon d'Or winner He knew players needed to make a similar sacrifice. The conversation with Rubiales was intended to prevent this from happening.

Rubialis He decides to put his plan forward Severin. “I sent you this voice with a message from Leo Messi. IThis is my voice, this is my message.”

Rubiales suggested to Ceferin RFEF forwarding Funds from UEFA for Leo Messi and other affected players. “I say it is important for us that Messi and the rest are with us. There is no need to spend money. “We're just changing where the money goes.” Rubiales expressed to Shiffrin.

Did UEFA transfer money to compensate players from Barcelona?

While the negotiations did not lead to any concrete actions, they did highlight the complexities of managing football during a crisis.

The leaked conversations raised questions about transparency, ethics and the role of football's governing bodies.

It is not clear why UEFA and the Spanish Football Federation He did not transfer the money that would have benefited the players and their wages. Rubiales and Pique are currently being investigated in a separate case related to the federation's sale of the club's ownership rights Spanish Super Cup for Saudi Arabia Collections and transfer the money back for personal gain.


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