Who is Andrea De Zordo? New Haas F1 technical director’s profile

Who is Andrea De Zordo? New Haas F1 technical director’s profile

Haas’s new Formula 1 technical director Andrea De Zordo is a promotion from within – but also a veteran figure in grand prix racing.

De Zordo replaces fellow Italian Simone Resta in the role of technical director, which Resta had occupied for three seasons after joining Haas from Ferrari ‘on loan’ in 2021.

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And like Resta, De Zordo is a recruit Haas had brought in from Ferrari – a partner that supplies Haas with Formula 1 power units and also provides it with chassis components in a technical cooperation within the framework of F1’s regulations.

A native of Faenza – the Italian town that hosts the team that will this year be known as Visa Cash App RB – De Zordo worked for that outfit starting in 2001 in its original, pre-Red Bull guise of Minardi.

A year before Minardi would be bought out by Red Bull, he joined McLaren for a five-year stint before making the move to Ferrari.

Then, after over a decade at Maranello, De Zordo – like Resta – took up a senior role at Haas in 2021.

It was that of chief designer – the very role he is vacating now and one that Haas will look to fill internally.

New Haas team boss Ayao Komatsu said of De Zordo that he is “a very technical person”.

“His communication is good, he’s very engaged and he listens to people, so I’m very happy about that appointment.”


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