Which soccer club boasts the largest global social media following?

Real Madrid finished another successful season by winning the Victory over Borussia Dortmund 2-0 last Saturday At Wembley Stadium to add the Champions League trophy to the Spanish League title for the 2023/24 season. The immediate future looks bright for the Spanish capital club, with the newly renovated Santiago Bernabeu stadium set to be a revenue stream hosting high-profile concerts and… NFL games in the future In addition, the arrival of Indrek and world-class striker Mbappe on the pitch will strengthen the already formidable squad..

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Real Madrid's Spanish defender No. 02 Dani Carvajal celebrates scoring the first goal in the Champions League final Justin TallisFrance Press agency

In recent years, another area in which the Spanish side has dominated is through social media platforms with the club's communication strategy improving significantly in recent years. Throughout the world of sports, well-established platforms have emerged such as Facebook, Twitter (X) and more recently TikTok and Instagram It offers teams a golden opportunity to inform, entertain, market and engage with fans around the world, and in 2023, Los Blancos are the top football club in terms of attracting new followers, with the club now leading the way with the most combined total followers.

Which football club has the largest number of followers on global social media?

This information comes from the latest study published by CIES Football Observatory According to their report, Real Madrid have shared social media (X, formerly Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok) Follow now from 410 million followers.

LaLiga leads the way

Real Madrid is followed in the social media rankings by arch rival FC Barcelona, ​​with the Catalan club boasting a total following of 260 million users. With Real Madrid's Instagram feature of 30 million helping to tip the scales in favor of the Spanish capital club.

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Manchester United completed the podium in third place and despite traditionally being one of the most popular clubs in the world, Their recent poor form has seen them outclassed by the Spanish duo. French League giants Paris Saint-Germain and English Premier League champions Manchester City complete the top five.

Social media and football

Club: Followers (in millions)
1: Real Madrid: 410.9
2: Barcelona: 360.7
3: Manchester United: 216.3
4: Paris Saint-Germain: 184.1
5: Manchester City: 158.4
6: Juventus: 155.8
7: Liverpool: 144.5
8: Chelsea: 141.7
9: Bayern Munich 137.1
10: Arsenal: 102.4

The influence of Messi and Cristiano

Although both players are at the end of their careers, Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo continue to generate huge interest on social media, showing that this is the uplift for their new clubs (Inter Miami And victory) as they lived a most notable experience CIES Stady. The report shows how, in 2023, both MLS and Saudi Professional League clubs enjoyed a large number of new followers.

In 2023, only Real Madrid saw a higher rise in new followers (48.4 million) ahead of Inter Miami's 31.3 million. Al-Nasr also saw a gradual jump by adding 22.1 new followers to its social media portfolio thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo joins the Riyadh-based team in January.

Argentine striker No. 10 Lionel Messi, Inter Miami player

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Argentine striker No. 10 Lionel Messi, Inter Miami player Chris ArjunFrance Press agency

The Portuguese is leading the way for a huge influx of talent to the Gulf nation. Cristiano's arrival has seen him see a massive rise in the English Premier League with global broadcast deals quickly concluded, and despite his failure to achieve silverware with Al Nassr, the Riyadh-based side Witnessed social polarization strengthening the media with More than 22 million new followers subscribe to the official channels.

Al-Nasr Portuguese striker No. 07 Cristiano Ronaldo

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Al-Nasr Portuguese striker No. 07 Cristiano Ronaldo France Press agency

Club: New Followers for 2023 (in millions) – Total Followers (in millions)

1: Real Madrid: 48.4 – 410.9
2: Inter Miami: 31.3 – 33.4
3: Manchester City: 27.5 – 158.4
4: Al-Nasr: 22.1 – 54.3
5: Barcelona: 18.4 – 360.7

Via CIES Football Observatory

Paris Saint-Germain decline

Another interesting item in the report showcases Paris Saint-Germain's decline On its social networks, the Parisian team lost nearly three million followers last year and became the club with the largest clear drop in the number of followers compared to all those that appeared in the study.

The CIES study reflects data from 2023 and is expected to occur Kylian Mbappé exits, The French club could see a further decline in 2024 as global fans turn their backs on French football.


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