Which MLS players will leave their clubs to play at the Copa América and Euro 2024?

the The summer of 2024 is scheduled to be full of international tournaments. In just less than two weeks, Nope Copa America And the euro The match will begin with several MLS players traveling to represent soccer in the United States.

a lot Teams will be affected by the call-ups Of their different players between the two competitions, who will do it He still has to compete in the local tournament, Who doesn't stop.

Inter Miami

The heron will be affected by Up to five losses, Which could easily be six. Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay would rob 'Tata' Martino of his golden spear Messi, Luis Suarez and Matias Rojas. However, in the case of the Uruguayan, there is still hope for Miami fans Suarez was excluded by Bielsa.

The first two are the team's top scorers, and in addition, It is possible that Leo Campana, who replaced the duo on various occasions, will be called up to the Ecuadorian national team.

the list He could develop if Paraguay recalls Diego Gomez also. And on the other side of the world, for the euro, Robert Taylor will have to cross the pond to represent Finland.

  • Lionel Messi (Argentina)
  • Luis Suarez (Uruguay)
  • Matias Rojas (Paraguay)
  • Leo Campana (Ecuador)
  • Robert Taylor (Finland)

City of Orlando

Peru and Uruguay will strip Inter Miami's biggest rivals of their talent. No bicolor He summoned both Pedro Gallese and Wilder Cartagenawhile No Celeste I did the same thing with Facundo Torres and Cesar Araujo.

For the euro David Brekalo (Slovenia) will be the only representative from Florida.

  • Pedro Gallese (Peru)
  • Wilder Cartagena (Peru)
  • Vaco Torres (Uruguay)
  • Cesar Araujo (Uruguay)
  • David Brekalo (Slovenia)

DC United

Panama Thomas Christensen It is the only team that awards international matches to the capital team. Jose Fajardo and Eric Davies will be DC United's only representatives In Cuba America.

Atlanta United

Atlanta will be without Saba Lubjanidze (Georgia) for the euro And Louis Abraham (Atlanta United) For the Copa America Championship.

Zoom in on the screen

Bielsa recently left Suarez out of his squad, giving hope to Inter Miami fans.EolDiarioAS

For now, the MLS is still ready to go. At the top of the standings in the East lies Inter Miami who, as mentioned, are set to go a long time without their main star.

both of them The Cincinnati and New York sides, not far behind, will smell the blood During the upcoming matches. In the west, Real Salt Lake is 3 points ahead of Los Angeleswith Minnesota and Galaxy right behind them.


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