What is the Copa América pink card and when will it be used?

Lionel Messi will face Vini Jr., Fede Valverde and Brenden Aaronson In this year's Copa America, which will see the world champions defend the title they won in 2021. However, ahead of the tournament, news emerged A new card has been announced that officials will be allowed to use During matches.

CONMEBOL will apply the pink card at the 2024 Copa America. Championship that It will start on June 20 and end on July 14, The new card will be used at specific moments in the game.

When will the pink card be used in Copa America?

This card will It serves as a signal to replace a player who was subjected to a physical challenge that affected his head and he It is suspected that he suffered some type of head injury or concussion.

the organization Directorate of Competitions and Operations This was announced A possible sixth (or seventh) alternative will be added To prioritize players' health.

in order to To make this change, they must inform the on-field referee or the fourth official The main referee will show this pink card.

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Messi and Argentina lifted the Copa America Cup after defeating Brazil 1-0 in the final.Carl D'SouzaFrance Press agency

What happens if a player receives a pink card in the Copa America?

this Substitution may only be made once per team In addition to the five substitutions that can be made during the 90 minutes (or six if there is extra time). The player who has been substituted may not return to the field of play again He will go to the locker room and, if necessary, to the medical center.

In addition, once the match is over, Within 24 hours, the doctor who discovered the injury must send the signed SCAT5 form (Concussion Evaluation) of the CONMEBOL Medical Committee.

How many types of cards are there in the world of football?

And with this new addition The judges will add a new card to the standard red and yellow We all know. However, the pink card was not the only one that appeared in the world of football There were up to five different types of cards. The latest one to gradually take effect will be Blue card that expels the player for 10 minutes To commit a serious error or protest against the referee.

There too The white card that came into force in the Portuguese Women's LeagueWhich rewarded fair play; In Spain, a card of the same color was used in 1971, but it worked in the same way as the current yellow card.

In Italian football there was also The orange card that sent the player off for several minutes And a The green card was invented by the Andalusian Football Federation and, like the white card, rewards fair play.


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