What happens in case of a tie in the 2024 Champions League final? Overtime, penalty kicks…

The Champions League final is approaching Fans are counting the hours to watch Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid compete in the most important club football match in Europe.

The German national team was the most prominent team in the tournament this year. No one expected Eren Terzic's men to reach this extent.

Champions League final

Dortmund not only survived the group of death, Along with Milan, Paris Saint-Germain and NewcastleBut it qualified for the playoffs as the best team. After that, they eliminated PSV Eindhoven to An exciting confrontation with Atletico Madrid. After losing at the Metropolitano, they came back in the second leg to book a place in the semi-finals against Paris Saint-Germain. The French side were favorites to reach the final, but Terzic's men defied the odds once again Kylian Mbappe's team was eliminated from the tournament.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid have been unstoppable all season. They have only lost one game within 90 minutes in all competitions, which shows how strong Carlo Ancelotti's players have been this season. After dominating and winning La Liga… They have proven that the Champions League feels like a competition tailor-made for them. After winning their group, they beat Leipzig in the round of 16, and their fighting spirit was strong enough To defeat big rivals Manchester City and Bayern Munich.

Is there extra time and penalty kicks in the Champions League final?

If there is a tie within 90 minutes of the match, Dortmund and Real Madrid will head to extra timeWhere the team can emerge victorious. However, if there is no winning team after that period, they will have to go to A Penalty kicks will determine the European champion.

After Regulation 90, players will have A short break to recover and hydrate before going into extra timeWhich consists of two periods of 15 minutes each. There will also be a short break between these two halves, where the coaches of both teams will also have the opportunity To talk to their players before the last 15 minutes.

If one team scores more goals than the other team during 30 minutes of extra timeThey will become heroes. Five Champions League finals were decided in extra time.

What if the final remains tied after extra time? How are penalty shoot-out kicks done?

If everything remains the same and the two teams are tied at the end of extra time, They will head to penalties.

Each team will get five penalty kicks. The goal at which kicks will be taken and the team that will take the first kick It will be determined by the referee by tossing a coin.

The players, led by the captain, will select the first five players To take kicks and order. Each team takes one penalty kick in turns until each has taken five kicks. However, if one side scores more goals than the other side can reach with all their remaining kicks, The shooting ended immediately.

If after five rounds of kicks the teams are still tied in the number of goals scored – or neither team scores any goals – sudden death will be required to determine the champion. It will consist of Extra rounds of one kick are used until one team scores and the other misses.

In the history of the European League/Champions League, 11 finals were decided on penalties.


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