‘We have to look for luck’

At the beginning of the season, France 7 women's coach David Cortex spoke Rugby Pass About “the statistical anomaly we have not yet conquered.”

As the season draws to a close with the tournament taking place in Madrid from May 31 to June 2, France 7 Women can look back on a record season with four podium finishes and four medals: two bronze (Dubai and Singapore) and two silver (Cape Town). ) and Vancouver). But again, there is no gold. With this third place overall, the “anomaly” continues.

“A third place rewards a certain level of consistency throughout the season in all tournaments,” Cortex said. Rugby Pass. “It's the first time we've played in a tournament with so many places, although we missed out on qualifying for the quarter-finals twice.

“We've always been there for the big moments where people expect us to perform. But to be honest, at the World Championships we've often been victims of our ability to be good in one event and not so good in another.

Breaking the glass ceiling… “soon”

The final tournament in Madrid will be an important factor, and France 7 Women will be hoping to break the glass ceiling that has hung over the team since entering the World Championship.

“We are one of the teams that is still playing at a high level and has not won yet,” Cortex said.

“To win you have to take your chances. Today, when it comes to keeping the ball off the bounce, we still somewhat lack the belief that it will come to us. We know we can do it, but we don't take the final step in terms of behavior, attitude and mental belief that we can do it.” Doing this we miss some things.”

As a fan of Claude Fouquet — the “coach of coaches,” a former sports teacher who became a consultant at the highest level in a few sports — Cortex likes to quote the high-performance theorist: “In the end the one who wins is the one who has managed to escape the path he has drawn.” He has others and is also the person who has shown a greater desire to succeed than others and who has translated that into his performance.

It's the famous phrase “they were hungrier than us”, which is systematically repeated by the team that has just been beaten.

But for Cortex, this is the paradox of the French women's rugby sevens team: they have everything necessary to be champions, but they don't achieve success.

“We don't always take our chances,” he insists. “We've got all the weapons. We just have to get them all together. Does that worry me? Not at all. Do I think we've been close for a long time? Yes. We get closer every time.”

We are closer than ever. “I hope that happens as soon as possible.”

France is not yet convinced

The motivation that France needs to activate lies in their mentality; The killing mentality they need. If they miss out on becoming world champions, they will at least give everything they can to become European champions between now and the Olympics, where they hope to take home a medal.

Although the French team knows they can do it, according to their coach, they now need to be “convinced”.
“For me, there is a big difference between luck and chance. For me, luck is something you can control, it is the power of persuasion, total commitment, the desire to win and to control events.

“In this area, we are less confident in our ability to control our fortunes than teams like Australia or New Zealand. It is probably more difficult for us in France because of cultural issues. People say we can seem arrogant and pretentious. On the contrary, I don’t think that That's what this team is all about and sometimes it backfires.

“We're not pretentious, but maybe it's a sign that sometimes we think luck will come our way. And in my opinion, you have to look for luck. Chance is another thing, it's random. Nothing happens by chance in sports. We have to accept that and benefit from it.” Of the opportunities available to us.”

“Philippe Saint-Andre and Serge Blanco, for example, are two players who, in the history of French rugby, are said to have had all the rebounds; whenever there was an improbable amount of time to take, it was reserved for them. Well, after they had spent so much time Watching them, they were people chasing every ball, every rebound, every break and then, when it opened up, she remembered even smiling at them because they had tried thousands of doors and rebounds before!

“And this is where faith comes in. If you believe your luck is at the end of the road, you will explore every possibility. If you wait until your luck runs out, you will lack conviction which means you will miss your chance.”


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