WATCH: Robert Lewandowski left to train alone for 10 minutes by Barcelona squad

Barcelona striker Robert Lewandowski may be the oldest in the squad, but he hasn't lost any of his strength in training at least.

On Wednesday morning, Lewandowski appeared on the training pitch at 11:00 a.m. for training, and began playing with the ball, before shooting the ball at a member of the technical staff, according to the coach. Lewandowski continued to do this for another 10 minutes, before eventually asking Xavi Hernandez and his training session, who were chatting away.

At 11:12 a.m., his teammates finally emerged from the Ciutat Esportiva locker rooms, and training began. The Catalan daily newspaper says he was joking as he pointed to an imaginary watch to his manager.

Some have wondered whether Lewandowski still has a burning desire to lead Barcelona's line next season, or perhaps more relevantly, whether he represents good value for the team's highest-paid player. His attitude is certainly still there.


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