Villarreal manager Marcelino assesses Xavi Hernandez’s situation at Barcelona – “If I said I’m leaving..”

Xavi Hernandez's precarious situation at Barcelona continues to dominate the news waves in Spain, with many offering their opinion on the matter. The latest to do so is Villarreal coach Marcelino Garcia Toral.

Speaking to El Larguero (via MD), Marcelino gave his opinion on Xavi's decision to remain as Barcelona manager, having stated in January – coincidentally, after the defeat to Marcelino's Villarreal – that he would step down at the end of the season. .

“If I say I'm leaving and then I stay? If I say I'm going, I won't stay. I've always been one to think about what I say, and once a decision is made, it's made.”

Marcelino also commented on the other big story in Spanish football, which is Toni Kroos' decision to retire after this summer's European Championship. He admitted that he was surprised by this announcement.

“For football, it's a negative surprise, it's a shame. Real Madrid doesn't have anyone else in their profile. Usually there's a feeling that footballers tend to play for a long time, but this is the opposite. I was surprised because he's an undisputed starter.” .


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