Valencia CF: El Newcastle, dispuesto a pagar 41 millones de euros por Mamardashvili según The Times

HFor portero del ValenciaGiorgi Mamardashvili This is the message you want Newcastle In order to repair the portal, this is a real thing and it is paid for 41 million euros (35 million pounds), This information times. This information confirms its submission Marka Sobre el interés de las urracas por hacerse el meta Georgiano. El Portero del Valencia He was one of the most equipment-destroying players Paraga Throughout the time and era of one of the major candidates, this has become the case.

The following information is written in English, read, and read. Newcastle We are aware of the limitations of our taste Lease and Security Rules (PSR) de la Premier League – a mechanism similar to Fair Play finciero de LaLiga – and this is the motivation behind what we know Mamardashvili price Maybe there will be one 35 million pounds (40.96 million euros).

“Don't count on me,” if the Georgian justifies it through the final part of the game MestallaHe was asked about options for greater time relief Valencia. This is one of the many participants in this campaign in those who elegantly played the most valuable through great work achieving a variety of deliveries.

What's the matter with you? Valencia We'll have to spend a few weeks waiting for the sword for that Peter Limthe main factor Dell Valencia, you're going to try to do your first big porch sale. The Georgian gate was the most detached and consistent footballer of the season and time Valencia You are welcome here DmitrievskyThat ends with him RayoTo contract with an experienced replacement section One.

Dell Tech Newcastle, Eddie Howe, He is the main keeper of the Valencia door file. This equipment James Park Street I know you want to repair the portal with a warranty player Via injury to Nick PopeEl Pasado Infierno, Durante four months. The 32-year-old Babia del Portero was very popular in the English team that saw him in the Georgia International and is one of those who will take the points.


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