Un da con la Seleccin Femenina de Rugby Seven

a There is something that embodies this Seven World Cup series in MadridThe expectation is the maximum because, due to the pandemic, there will be no competition for seven of the most important of which are located on open lands.

The selected rugby seven group will move to Madrid to stay. no masculine silicone, Try to play against Samoa, Kenya and Chile In the grouping process, it depends on the results obtained, United States, Canada, Ogoguay, Germany They will face Los Leones in a long-term engagement for the sake of continuity.

ON L Quadro FemeninoLas Leonas se is opposed Japan, China and Poland Through groups, in the same way, the male box, through participation in permanence, can confront opposition Brazil, South Africa, Argentina or Belgium.

Quadro de la Serre de Madrid, play-off matchWorld Rugby

la entrenadora, Mara Ribera y la capitana, Anne Fernandez de CorresRemind the key so that the selection can achieve a major hurricane and obtain stability in the first section of items 7th World Rugby Series.


Mara Ribera and Anne Fernandez de Corres


Pregunta: What legis al torneo?

Reply Mara: Llegamos with a lot of people, playing at home, and we have a lot of games before we master it.

Resposta an: We have played a lot of illusions, and we have never played an international hurricane of seven, so big in Madrid and in Spain, where we have been so successful in achieving the goal of continuity in the World Series.

Q: What is the meaning of Espaa en Espaa?

R Mara: An opportunity to attract a lot of people to the sport we love and play the sport for as long as the whole world at least 14 players so we can help us keep it going.

RN: It's a lot of rugby, we often don't think about it, but in the end he represents Spain and plays high rugby, which we can aspire to a lot, a lot of maturity, the first personal level or team level, he can compete con las mejores de Espaa, is a passage .

P:Cules son las claves to maintain the category?

R Mara: Jugar con Mucha pasin, Muchas ganas y Mucha cabeza. Tenemos que ser la major Espaa que podamos ser o que hemos sido hasta now.

RN: Trust in this team, we had a good job and we failed in the end, and we had a lot of focus even in rugby matches for 7, every minute detail, the key is to reach a lot of knowledge and contact with the team and rethink this is focus and contact with the equipment.

P: How do you feel that this is the first important series played in Spain from the pandemic?

R Mara: We are just imagining in order to see what happened, and we hope that all these measures were spent by the lady and the people at the last minute and it means a lot of imagining and hoping that Madrid is many years away.

RN: The aficionados in Malaga and Sevilla have always been the same for Covid. I think it's an incredible organization and it has a lot of illusion that we all feel with the strength of our families, our friends, our friends and with the followers who will be an eight for us in a lot of strength and playing eight on the field.


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