Todo es mentira: Jos Luis balos desvela el precio de una cerveza en el Congreso de los Diputados: “Soy ms de caf”

HSaint Lunes, May 13, 2024, They've released a new clip from “Everything Remembered.”, the open space presented by Risto Mejide, which revives the political and social reality of the national and international panorama. Later, as in the Age of Hope, the program became central in research on the Catalan elections, Victoria Salvador Illa and the PSC. Auntie The Miss Moment awaited by the audience was gone in the final part.

The new section of “It's All What I Say”, “How old am I”, where spectators were asking the show's collaborators has turned into a favorite space for many. On one occasion, Risto Mejide decided to go ahead of time and helped his collaborators with this part of the program. The presence of José Luis Palos and Jarca Margallo was somewhat conveyed in the living room.

Congresses of representatives and Yurukmaras only

Joacon, a resident of Sant Antoni de Calonge, made a request to the participants: “It is good for the Congress of Deputies to be a restaurant for the deputies to live in. L”What doesn't seem right to me is that I sell alcohol. “It's my future and my children's dreams.”he commented on the scenes.

“You didn't just walk into the House of Representatives. You don't have to worry about drinking. “Cerveza me consta, vino creo que tambin”We're starting to explain a lot. “All cafes and cafeterias are open to everyone, including visitors,” he continued. Well, the collaborators have one friend: Would you like to have dinner at the Congress of Representatives?


José Luis Palos Les has responded to the man with a comparison: “No lo s. There are many baratas. Yo soy ms de café and croissant and so my cuesta dos Euro. Long live Euro de Deferencia.” We realize that dinner is one euro at the Congress of Representatives.

Margallo tampoco ha querido hablar de las bebidas Alcohols: “Yo tampoco s cunto vale una copa de vino. Estoy a dieta.”


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