The essential Father’s Day gift guide for motorsport fans

When you reach a certain age, being asked what you want as a gift – for what occasion – becomes as difficult as mustering an opinion about soft furnishings.

If you find yourself in such a predicament over the next week or so as Father's Day approaches, here are some ideas that might inspire you.

Ignore this, and you can't complain when you get some new socks, a tie you'll never wear, and a new bottle opener to go with another half dozen you'll never use.

Formula 1 car drive 2000-09 – Peter Higham

For fans of the Bring Back V10s podcast (and V8s adventures), this book is perfectly designed.

By telling the story of each season team by team, you can slip into a warm bath of nostalgia for when there was a full-length Monaco GP without a single change of position (2003). The truth is, things were better back then.

But all kidding aside, the book's format means that no stone will be left unturned, and you'll get to see the aerodynamic space race of that era taking place before you. From the truly basic 2000 cars to the over-the-top marvels of 2008, the rate of development that occurs over the course of the book is staggering, and shows why the controversial 'dual diffuser' systems of 2009 were so desperately needed.

At £60, it's good value too, given the depth and breadth of information on offer.


McLaren Formula 1 Car Drive – Stuart Codling

There's plenty of V10 awesomeness in this volume too, as we take a journey through McLaren's impressive Formula 1 heritage.

From the M2B that started it all (in white, not papaya) to the 2023 MCL60, each car is given detailed analysis, while the horizontal format of the images allows you to ensure that the cars are truly the stars.

There are detailed technical specifications for each car as well [with tyres showing where the market is for this type of book these days]And, of course, a full breakdown of all results.

For fans of the brand, this is a must, but you don't have to wear the colors to enjoy some of the finest machines ever to grace the Grand Prix circus. And at £45, by modern book standards, it's a bargain!


Ginetta driver development simulation session

Advances in simulation technology not only mean that it is a vital component in the development of today's cars and drivers, but it also creates the opportunity for motorsport enthusiasts to enjoy an experience that was previously the preserve of a lucky few.

Setting the standard for race driver simulation facilities in the region, the SIMTrack Driver Performance Center is located at Ginetta Racing's headquarters, just off the M1 motorway north of Leeds.

It offers a choice of two fully immersive simulator cockpits to replicate a range of different race car bodies, both equipped with professional training, data and video analysis tools.

Their simulation facility combines market-leading hardware, software and one-on-one driver coaching to complement your actual on-track program, helping drivers of all levels become the best they can be.

To get a 20% discount on any session, use the promo code “FASTDAD20”

F1 24

The recent release of F1 24 on PC as well as PlayStation and Xbox consoles means it's perfectly timed for the dad interested in Formula 1 and gaming.

This year's title saw a whole host of changes made to the career mode providing a more immersive career experience for the driver.

This can be played either as a driver you have created, one of the current F1 drivers or even some classic drivers from F1 history.

With a roster of 'iconic' drivers including the likes of James Hunt, Ayrton Senna, Mark Webber and many others, there's a good chance your dad's favorite driver from years past will be playable in F1 24.


Racing Members Club

It would be remiss of us not to mention our Racing Members Club in our Father's Day gift guide.

Membership comes with a full range of benefits, including unlimited access to The Race, the only podcast offering for a large number of our members, the opportunity to ask questions on race review episodes of The Race F1 Podcast, a discounted advertising environment, discounts and more.

Plus you'll play a key role in ensuring The Race continues to produce world-class independent motorsport coverage.

As part of the Race Members Club, you will also have an exclusive 15% discount code to use in the Race Shop.

Click here to learn more about the Racing Members Club.

Father's Day cards are exclusive to The Race Shop

Brand new for 2024, The Race has launched a range of Father's Day cards. The Race Shop is filled with a range of motorsport apparel and gifts perfect for motorsport-loving parents, including Bring Back V10s merchandise and the new Castrol Heritage motorsport range.

As a special offer, if you spend £40 at The Race Shop between now and June 2, you can get a free Father's Day card of your choice. All you have to do is add your chosen card to your basket, and once you reach £40, the card will be automatically discounted. No promo code required!


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