The day Mbappé visited Real Madrid to meet his idol Cristiano Ronaldo

finally, Kylian Mbappé is a Real Madrid player. The long chase, which began before the Frenchman made his debut, ends as it always seemed.

Mbappe has accepted Real Madrid president Florentino Perez's offer and will join Los Blancos After his contract with Paris Saint-Germain expired on June 30. Real Madrid has suffered many setbacks in its quest to sign Mbappe, is often hailed as the best player of his generation. There were early attempts to sign him from Monaco in 2017. Four years later, Paris Saint-Germain rejected a $194 million bid from Madrid. Finally in 2022, when Mbappe's contract expired, he chose not to move to Madrid and decided to renew with the Parisian team.

However, even the first official transfer offer in 2017 is still far from the beginning of the Mbappe-Madrid saga. So, you have to go back to December 2012, when a stunning young Frenchman stepped into the Spanish capital.

Mbappe's meeting with Real Madrid legends

The young star was still a child, just 14 years old, when Real Madrid first made his overtures. Towards the end of 2012 Mbappe was invited by Real Madrid to visit their training center in Valdebebas. The offer came at the insistence of Real Madrid legend Zinedine Zidane, who recognized the amazing potential of his compatriot.

While there, Zidane took him to the training ground and participated in training sessions with the youth team. He even met his sporting hero, Cristiano Ronaldo. This interest ultimately did not pan out, and Zidane admitted years later: “He was about to sign for Real Madrid, but he went to Monaco. We know he was very good at his age.”

Zoom in on the screen

The Madrid trip gave Kylian Mbappe the chance to meet his childhood hero Cristiano Ronaldo.

Real Madrid were keen to sign the young Mbappé, but the player and his family decided that staying in France was their best option. They agreed that the 14-year-old would be best served by staying in his country and he signed for Ligue 1 side Monaco soon after. But Mbappe made that clear His meeting with Zinedine Zidane was a formative moment in his young career.

“I was then a child and I saw the best player in the history of France talking to him. It was touching and sincere for me. It was a great moment, but it did not come true. I wanted to give priority to staying in my country. “I stayed in Monaco,” Mbappé explained years later.Real Madrid have tried to sign me since I was 14 years old“.

What did Kylian Mbappe do on his trip to Real Madrid?

Earlier this year, Mbappe appeared in a French documentary series Special Envoy He recalled the details of the 2012 trip. It was, understandably, a world away from his humble upbringing in the Parisian suburbs.

He explained: “I was invited by Real Madrid. I spent four days in the Valdebebas facilities, and my head was moving very quickly. I saw all the stars and the entire coaching staff. And then I had to come back and clean for three days [classrooms with my mother]. I went from top to bottom. I had to come back to earth. At that time I thought, what were you thinking to bring me back to France?

“When you're young, you don't understand. But now, looking back, I would have done the same thing“.

His visit to Valdebebas is one of his best memories as a child, and the episode was featured in a comic book released by Mbappe in 2021, detailing his early life and football career. Mbappé tells how nervous he was the day before traveling to Madrid; His meeting with Ronaldo and Zidane; Even his response when his father asked him if he enjoyed the trip: “I had the best weekend of my life.”

Despite his dream of playing for Real Madrid, Mbappe feels deeply connected to his homeland and it took him longer than most expected to reach the Santiago Bernabéu. But more than a decade after the first contact between Mbappe and Madrid, The Spanish giants have finally got their man.


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