The champion who has been through hell and back twice

Antonio Felix da Costa has been through it all in Season 10 of the Formula E Championship, which was evident in the expression on his face after winning race two of the recent Berlin doubleheader.

The Portuguese driver has endured a difficult start to 2024, failing to finish the season-opening race in Mexico, before also failing to score a point in the Diriyah doubleheader that followed.

Da Costa himself realized that he had not started the season as he had hoped. In the Formula E paddock, there are few drivers as honest and forthright as the Season 6 champion, which is part of the reason he has such a large following and the respect of journalists.

Sao Paulo was the initial turning point for the Porsche driver, who scored his first points of the season and then missed the opportunity to climb the podium in Tokyo.

However, it was suddenly discovered that Abt Cupra's Nico Müller had tested for Porsche, raising concerns about da Costa's future with the team. In response to the news, he initially won the first race at Misano, before the FIA ​​disqualified him of the win.

It was like going from hell and back only to be immediately sent back to hell, where he was disqualified from the race – which is under appeal, with the governing body even marking his technical infringement as having no impact on performance.

It was an emotionally draining moment, as his post-race celebrations were legendary – he jumped into the pool! A miserable second race at Misano followed.

However, being the champion, he overtook Misano and scored points in Monaco and in the opening race in Berlin, before taking victory on Porsche's home turf.

Very few in Formula E history have been on quite a rollercoaster of emotions like da Costa, making it understandable that this was the most emotional season of his career.

“Yes,” da Costa said simply Racing News 365When asked if this has been the most emotionally challenging year of his career.

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Given what happened in Misano, da Costa felt a sense of “relief” in Berlin, especially since he had kept that victory safe.

Without his DSQ, he would have been a real outsider for the title, as he would be level on points with Jean-Eric Vergne in sixth.

While the win in the German capital was a confidence boost, da Costa sees no reason to stop pushing.

“Formula E is so competitive these days that winning a race is a major achievement every year,” da Costa said.

“We don't see anyone winning six or seven races anymore. You win two or maybe three races in one year. On track, we did it twice.

“So it clearly shows that we have taken special steps after the difficult start. So, yes, it is very comfortable, but also, at the same time, I see no reason why we should slow down now and try to win more.”


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