Tenerife: Abelardo, el mejor colocado para entrenar al Tenerife

toThe CD Tenerife period ends with the arrival in Cartagena. No hay mrs donde rascar. Garitano lo fide, but this is history. He's nowhere near the island. l ya lo sabe desde hace semanas. He also knew that the club would work during the last months on his replacement: “I just hope that it does not take revenge from a pandemic and that it goes well to all those coaches who are good on the list to come back here,” he quipped in the last general comparison.

Elegance is Abelardo. El Estoriano is the residence of José Miguel Garrido. It is elegant because his style is adapted to what Tenerife wants for its 2024/25 project. An organized coach in defense and a striker in attack.

In response to Garitano

Since the club, we have only asked you to let us know to confirm contacts with Abelardo. But you have to respect the actual coach. Learn in Tenerife CD When you're done it's time to start the next project


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