‘Supervivientes’ expulsa a Ángel Cristo tras tres horas de desaparición: “Has puesto en riesgo tu vida y la del equipo”

toD adventure Angel Christo In “Supervivientes 2024” you have reached the end. Fortunately or unfortunately, her Honduras move did not pass desperately for the club and every moment is a big figure. It was full of despair including, that's what it is Do not worrywhich sparks local drivers to search for the island.

It's all surgical when it comes down to it I'm talking to Aura Ruiz This time, the security incentives for organizing the conference were exceeded. The Honduran naval force was united in its quest, in an unprecedented scene, which makes the situation worse. During the resurgence of “Supervivientes: Tierra de Nadie”, Carlos Subra Related to souls.

“The contestant remained in a state of unconsciousness for more than three hours. Three long hours in the time I traveled, plus a high-risk area (…) The situation generated so much anxiety in the organization and its comrades, that the end was settled in an ideal situation,” relates the presenter, who admitted that he had the potential to succeed the “Your Life and Your Equipment” program.

Recommendations to the owners Christo…and Ora Ruiz

The program includes the following itinerary for Angel Cristo, sailing from Playa Condina and arriving at the island, sailing through dangerous areas such as wilderness, rescued animals, etc. Kayo Cochino Minor, donde acabó to aventura. Tras ser encontrado, sus primeras palabras fueron: “Queiro pedir disculpas a la Organizacion, al Programa ya all people who were interested in me, because He didn't think about the results “He took unconscionable actions.”

The results of these results come from part of “Supervivientes 2024”: Aurah Ruiz was nominated directly For exceeding the limits of respect and Angel Cristo disciplinary expulsion for the same motive, in addition to sailing in the safety zone and creating anxiety on the journey.

While everyone is in awe of helping to create a historic ceremony in the communications program, the participants react to the most unlikely form of a straight-up poem: “Thank you. Yes lo que yo quería: Marcharme”.


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