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Henrikh Mkhitaryan, one of the pillars of Inter Milan, will be one of the team's most veterans (In 35 years she has participated in 45 meets), and she analyzed her time in a recognized meet in her country, Armenia. Concretely, in the sports community Armsport. In this charla, this is our partner Impressions of Simone Inzaghi's remarkable league title win, and also of the big moon of the year in the short season: the elimination from the Champions League at the hands of Atlético Madrid.

The Armenian central camp, which qualified favorably, had the value of the league title loyal to Inter, is active in the start date and, therefore, could join the second star around his departure. “When the match against Milan ends, I don't care. Todavía I can't describe my feelings, I don't have any limits. To be very happy, this tournament was very special for me because it was my first trip to Europe.

“We think that as the start of the league, when we win another game, we had rumors that the Premier League would be special. Personally, I can't imagine it. Everyone believes that outside words can have a negative impact on the equipment environment. Our goal was only one: to know everything and play football. Naturally, we know this is the moment we desire, but we focus on it. When we get back to the city on the bus, we tell you what a great job we had.” He contributed to Mkhitaryan winning the Scudetto.

Congratulations on your part, shared by deceiving the heroes. The Nerazzurri advance to the maximum level of European competition at the sub-competition level and on the strength of a great game thanks to the big moment in the Spanish League. in octavo, I hope Atlético Madrid is more irregular, over all at home. However, the team will be able to get to the final stage of the quarter after one pass Remontada and a painful penalty at the Metropolitano.

“Substimamous Atleti...”

Mkhitaryan, in an interview, realized that there was a strong relationship at the time of leadership in Cholo-Simeone's team: “This is the only reason for our guilt.”Each of us is responsible for it. Creo que, cuando our pusimos with ventaja in Madrid, we relajamos un poco. We lost focus because we played 1-0 at home. In this idea, in one moment everything seems to have come about, but we are so confused. Great tests for rivals, when Atletico compete, and they have passed. I don't mean what is the path to the field. In particular, in the last time or five minutes, when Atlético creates a worthwhile occasion on the other hand. “We can decide with certainty that the final will be ours only.”

Chiellini also fell foul of Mkhitaryan

Inter made the mistake they made against Atletico, but they had more thought than Giuseppe Meazza's pirates. Giorgio Chiellini, all legends of Italian football, I guarantee only after the octave is sorted that the red players will not play Inzaghi: “A team like Inter cannot remain in the Atletico Madrid team. If it can be better than Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Manchester City, but Inzaghi’s team is not inferior to Simeone.”

A much lighter profile is one that Inzaghi brings to the campaign's familiarity. The exciting technician, the man who is frank with Simeone and, ultimately, his competitive spirit, heralds that it will not be easy to face the Madrid team.: “It would be a big shocker from the final eight with two top-level equipment The Hermosos estadios and you are multitud. Atletico's coach is Simeone, a coach with whom he has an excellent relationship. “I have achieved a lot, including winning the title in Lazio.” Inzaghi, he can always realize that Atleti have a lot to decide before the strong sub-camp in Europe. It's over.

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