Rubn Rondn se corona en Ponferrada y reina en el BFM

Robin Runden Le Wolfie Hacker. Puso en pie al ms de millar de Spectators who passed by on May 18 will begin the opportunity to participate in a real event of killing. The international version of MFC has been put into the game (At the University of Babelen de Ponferrada) y El vallisoletano has no plain because it did not happen at that time in the camp; An era of ambition to overhaul the position is at the moment among Mexican owner Javier Hernandez.

Hernandez SAnnounced the promotion camp (Modalidad K1) in the 70kg and weight class in the tulle. Good safety was now welcomed as no “Roubentai” survived or reached the second route. From the fighting stage, the language begins a series of blows that turn into a fascinating lecture and you anticipate what will happen a few minutes later.

The original start (in all five programs) goes off with a clear win over Rondon's points, which are with each of them incomparable and unworkable. With these feelings the arrangement of the second part of the sound -y ltimo- pero con Vallesolitano, for 22 years, has been following the auxiliaries with a new version of their extensive military repertoire and resources: A majestic use of alert-inducing footnotes, such as techniques, that can predict what will happen just a minute after the start of the second round: the Mexican wrestler throws a series of blows that he can overcome.

As such, Robin Ronden has been there with the international center flying through the air, cutting down like no other in the major leagues. And the transformation, without a friend, into the emerging form of kickboxing in Spain and Europe.

After the fight, Ronden Agrica dedicated the training to his manager Ángel Garca, his coach and promoter Diego Vezquez and the gymnasium who trains and imparts Muay Thai classes, All for Box.

But the actor and influencer don't have enough time to celebrate because Madrid is looking forward to it One of the most anticipated fighting events of the year facing off against another Mexican, the prestigious American League Combate Global camp, Jordan Paul Beltern. In a multi-mode and new event journey, Martialcon 2, fight for your home in the US brand's first intercontinental cinematic series, RFL Muay Thai Extreme, playing in Europe.


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