Reunin Rocha-Ceferin: UEFA sigue apoyando el Mundial 2030

toHaving a de Pedro Rocha,on BangkokNot only do they obey to help at the FIFA Congress, they also join the presidents of other federations. The mandatario espaol what que la Federacin You can restore normalcy and speed up the site lost during recent months. There is no other goal, for which he works World Cup 2030 And siguiendo por la presencia de Spain En rajanos de decision on FTBO Europe and globally.

In this agenda, you have to get back together again Gianni Infantino Deceive Alexander Severin. With President De La European Football Association You have a say in the lives of young people, with the end re-establishing a dialogue that will break in recent weeks. This reply European Football Association This will appear in the candidatura del World CupWith Spain and Portugal, he defends European interests.


Tambin ha mantenido encuentros con Fernando JamesPresident De La Portuguese Federacin And compare travel in no World Cup 2030As another president of the federations South American Confederation. Aunque parezca mentality, I lost the rhythm when I was talking about a federal union, which it is World Series and National League. You have to recover at the very least, which means you will start producing during the previous months.

The football world is busy with all the negative news we face Federacin Now, it is not important to feel everything that you will succeed in Futbol City.


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