Real Madrid vs Alavs: Inventen el Nobel del ftbol para Toni Kroos!

Como buenos estudiantes, Real Madrid and Alaves This is the final of the League with the money that comes with them. Sunday, from your happiness for the heroics and excitement that excites you on June 1st. As for others, blood vessels, they help save their lives in a courageous, resistant way to a rising line. With this panorama, it's time to relax, be careful and think a little about the problems of time.

36 Liga, 36

This is what Real Madrid players will be met with on the field. A whopping 36 at the center of the earth game was created by reproducing everything and every one of the best games, back in 1932 with Hertzka As coach in 2024. He appeared on the field with Nacho, the white captain, to offer assistance to the madridistas. They live in the home with a pasillo vacation for the grade blanca.

Croce, Nobel Prize

Ya que nunca le darn nunca el Baln de Oro, quiz por aquello de que la miel no est hecha para la boca del asno (con perdn), you're going to invent the Nobel Prize for football and Durslo A Tony Cross. The flag is the decision of your sport. No true MS que lo justo, because it is not wrong. Porky Pensa. “Pienso, luego exists,” said Descartes. “Pienso, luego juego al ftbol,” you can say Cross. The world has an uncanny ability to work better for every player who looks for it and improves its encounter. This is the essence of ftbol, ​​which means that the game does not require balls, bonuses, and unwanted toys. Another world.

Baln de Oro, para Vini, para Bellinhgam, para Mbapp?

Volvamos is down to earth, a person who seems to be a candidate for the best of the world. Real Madrid faces the dilemma of those people asking if they want to have their father or their father. Porky billingham and vinicius, Waiting to see what will happen in the European Nations Cup and America's Cup, they compete in the Balen de Oro. This is what happened to everyone who moved to Madrid. Real Madrid knows that this is their share of trampling and they are getting rid of it. Oh, and to Mbappe.

Courtois spends several weeks…

That's the point, it's clear. The Madrid Gate is the mother of all battles that Ancelotti could lead. Oh no. Because of the seals that are directed. Courtois has three long weeks to confirm that his coach is okay. If so, because Lunin's time is more than one can imagine, there is not much to discuss. The minute of the party, the belga ya aclar que for no va a quedar. And in the second part, there is a great force of things to Lady Clara.

Glazo de Valverde as an example

Compete, morder, ganar. It is the best way for final preparation Carlo Ancelotti I've learned that a team of talent needs to support their sea of ​​identity. This ghoul Fede Valverde, which is the best example. At the start of the first part, with the Ghanaian party and a renewed rival, Real Madrid could pause. Peru no. Lo que hizo fue apretar, llegar y marcar. The state of mind attracting the Whites to Wembley was in the background.


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