Real Madrid star Luka Modric – “It was difficult for me to assume my new role, my attitude has been exemplary”

Real Madrid icon Luka Modric is expected to remain at the club next season, although it looks as if Carlo Ancelotti's decision to drop him from the first team will lead to his exit from the club. The 38-year-old told Cadena Kop that he still feels strong and able to contribute.

“It's something different. It was difficult for me at first to understand and take on this new role, but you never do. I think I handled it very well and did well when it was my turn to play; the coach is happy.”

“You have played as a starter all your life and as a very important player, but you have to face other situations and fight, because I will never give up. I had to fight and fight more when they needed me and I think I did a very good job.

He was also asked if his relationship with Ancelotti ever deteriorated, or if he became frustrated at some point during the season.

“No; my behavior when I trained, when I played, I gave 100%, as always, and it was not a problem for the team, the coach or anyone. You always want to play but I was not a problem, on the contrary, I was an example of behavior in Training.

All reports from Real Madrid indicate that he will sign another year's extension with Los Blancos, and Modric confirmed that the decision had been made, but said that he could not announce it, also stating that the decision had had no significant impact. To do it with Toni Kroos. Regarding the possibility of retiring at the Santiago Bernabeu, like Kroos, he was attracted to the idea, but did not commit to it.

I've always said that I want Madrid to be my last club. I want to retire in Madrid, but let's see what happens, let's move forward little by little. I hope what I want happens. “It would be a dream for me to retire in my home and in my club.”

Neither of them will be tempted to give their remaining time in the game. Some say it is Modric's idea to reach the 2026 World Cup and captain Croatia in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

“I can't tell you until when. I have to go little by little. The way I feel now, I have the fitness and football to continue in the elite, I have no doubt. It speaks a lot about age and discomfort. The most important thing is what you do on the ground The field, and if you see that you can be good physically… Why is Madrid the best club in the world? Because the best always plays; But that could change in six months, and if I see that I'm not doing it, I'll be the first to say no.

With Kroos gone, and Nacho Fernandez also expected to depart this summer, sticking with Modric's leadership and experience will no doubt be greatly appreciated by Ancelotti. Losing all three at once could impact the outfit massively, and while the likes of Dani Carvajal, Lucas Vazquez and Fede Valverde are increasingly expected to set the tone, Modric remains valuable.


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