Real Madrid: “Se ha ido Cristiano, se ha ido Ramos, se ha ido Casillas, se ha ido Raúl… y el Madrid sigue en la vereda”

HLater today, the decimal meter will be discussed Torneo Benéfico de Pádel is organized by the Clínica Menorca Foundation. The scenario revolves around the city of raquita and the recovered money, which is dedicated to killing against maternal cancer.

Solidarity championship reunion between distinguished athletes: Iker Casillas, Raul Gonzalez, Bernd Schuster, Luis Milla, Alfonso Perez or Feliciano Lopez. Among others are regular participants in the beneficial tornado. The Avengers couple resulted from the formation of Raul Gonzalez and Dani Garcia Lara.

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Many players are linked to Real Madrid, and they talk about the big news that awaits them on this day, a decision Tony Cross This is the football.

Iker Casillas, Q Division of clothing with Germany over a period of time, Declaró acerca del retiro del centerrocampista: “He was a great player. Llegó muy callado, sin hacer ruido. Nada que ver con el nombre que hay ano to the univel global. I was happy with the heart of all the madridistas “He was a very important player for the starters.”

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The door was also surprised by the German decision: “I have continued to play football perfectly. Every prodigy or Domingo is the real game and enjoys it. “It is a decision that has been given a lot of thought and I believe the family will make the best choice.” Despite what was important to the club, Casillas clearly stated that successes would follow Chamartín: “Cha Edu Cristiano, Cha Edu Ramos, Cha Edu Casillas, Cha Edu Raul… And in every final, Real Madrid always persists for the truth.”

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The door is also dedicated to the Champions Final which will be coming soon in a few days: “All the world is Real Madrid's favorite and it's quite clear“But if Dortmund had left quickly because they wanted him.”

Courtois is the only number

El Mostoleño has no man, Courtois is the best and should be in the Wembley final in less than a minute: “He is number one and he is very wonderful. I ask Lunin to contribute to Real Madrid reaching the final and he played exceptionally well. The decision is Ancelotti's.” A fisherman from Belgium, an ode to the Ukrainians: “You must be a superstar for the Madridista, the club, Mr. Courtois De la ribosta de Two colors “in expectation.”

He spoke of Kroos as a former Madridista Alfonso Perez and Luis Milla. The first has praised the services provided and the second, as in the “distant” Madrid for the past 10 years, the strong desire for future projects. to


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