Real Madrid: Mateos, el ‘nio’ de Di Stfano

Madridistas and Madridistas. By name Enrique Mateus Mancebodel barrio de las Delicias. The 43 goals scored by Real Madrid in its 17 European Cup finals, after the quartet rose to the top of the emerging player in the Spanish capital. The first comes from Matthews Pre-L Reims Stadiumon June 3, 1959. Despus llegaron los de Serena (1966) and Ral (2000 and 2002).

Matthäus's goal at Stuttgart's Neckarstadion took just one and a half minutes in the final. This was the time for the European Cup Final until 2005 Paolo Maldini Marca for Milan, ahead of Liverpool, in the 51st minute of the final.

In order to think of this name as the first final to be repeated, because it creates the same idea of ​​education in space, we can talk about gold Viverici. “It's in the diccionario. And what does the RAE say of this adjective?: “Raqutico, esqueltico, escuchimizado, esculido.”

Quarta European Cup (1958/59): Real Madrid 2-0 Stade Reims

Welcome to Alcantera

Matthews Era le que hoy la mamos en merlo blanco. Because of the initial equipment from the box, the Plus Ultra. March 4, 1954 was his first appearance with the Chiefs. Ex-boyfriend era Las Palmas In Chamartin: 5-2, with three great rounds. Follow your head with the stars and this is a good time for the island of Madrid with a friend before that Athlete To celebrate Chamartin's season: 5-4. El marcador le abri Di StefanoWhen Zarra and the camino arrive at the end of the day, March 19, 2017, March 17, 2017, March 17, 2017, the following days:

Very little money was made for equipment that would be replenished in Europe once or again. November 1, 1956: First appearance in the European Cup, with a score of 4-2 fastThe previous part of Santiagoena.

Porro di Stefano

Matthews He was a great friend of Di Stefano. La saeta rubia tom al Flaco Bag su protexin. The Argentine has learned a lot of things on and off the field. “So amigo de mi migos, en la cima y en la misery,” became a catchphrase for her Matthews. Yes, you are friends in Los Dos Lados.

Deceive Di Stefano Al Lado has claimed 13 AKs for Real Madrid, between every five first appearances in the European Cup. The 1959 final is among the best on record Viverici. For the sake of the goal, for the sake of success, but for the sake of something that succeeds afterward. In a quarter of an hour the party was destroyed in a clear manner by the Frenchman Matheus. There is nothing good for the world Albert Duch. Penalty. Tamboco Las Hapa Super Lanzador: Alfredo Di Stefano. Pero para asombro general, lo tir Mateos. Yes, if it falls.

Morey Raymond Cuba, “Pequeo Napolen” at Real Madrid

After you have an outside color to open the marcador, Madrid and Africa. That's why A Di Stefano Lanzarlo. The one who uses the renovacin and the final converter in the message and to do so will go to Ms Fcil. La Saeta cedi, aunque le advirti de las cualidades de Colonna y que ms vala que marcara.

al descanso, Antonio Caldern, directivo del Madrid, baj al festuario a recriminarles la accin. “Dedquese a vender entradas”, Di Stefano's contest, which within a few minutes of the second part the score was 2-0 for Quarta. This has been the case the entire time you spent the final match, Matthews wants to support your calm Di Stefano For penalty kicks fell.


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