Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti – ‘I’m better than ever, but I know the stick is coming’

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti said he was enjoying his position at the moment, but was simply waiting for the situation to change.

The Italian has been and will continue to be the subject of many bombastic analyzes of Real Madrid's season, having made the decision to move Jude Bellingham forward into more goalscoring positions, which ultimately proved the difference in La Liga. The pressure has stopped, but it won't last for long.

Ancelotti was asked how he was doing in his 103rd press conference of the season, ahead of the 52nd match against Alaves.

“The best I can be. The honeymoon is on. I'm happy and excited. I do press conferences without pressure. You're very affectionate. That's the only problem. I know the stick will come sooner or later, but since there's no stick now I'm enjoying it.”

The toughest part of the season came about a month into the season, as Los Blancos lost 3-1 to city rivals Atletico Madrid at the Estadio Metropolitano, but that turned out to be beneficial for Ancelotti and company.

“I have no doubt that it is the most difficult thing. We lost a game, and there it was. Since that game, we realized that we had to change things in defence. That defeat helped us change the defensive line which is good for us now. “It's been an easy season thanks to the players.”

This remains the team's only defeat in the league this year, the other this season also coming at the same stadium, during the Copa del Rey. Ancelotti was heavily criticized for fielding Luka Modric behind Jude Bellingham and Rodrigo Goes, but has since received plenty of praise throughout the season.


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