Real Madrid: Lucas Vzquez se acerca a su renovacin… y busca su sueo

CSmarter equipment Europe Querra tener a futbolista como Lucas Vasquez In the plant. United nations Capital sin brazalete She had turned into a staple of the White Gown after completing the temporary ninety in the Initial Equipment. Your wonderful personality, satisfied with the experience of balls and a fixed reward Fishing cannot be tasteless Carlo Ancelotti There are some keys of your interest. Show up when you need it and you'll always have a man available to help compare (Charla won with Lunin before the penalty shootout at Al-Ittihad)

Charla de Lucas Vazquez with two colors changes everything in the penalty shootout at Al-Ittihad

“You are in the best club in the world and you do not want to continue in the best club in the world.”, acknowledges El Gallego in 2021 before settling on his latest renewal. achille Verano, Lucas Vazquez, guiado en la gestin por AC talentReal Madrid signed an agreement to renew his contract until June 30, 2024.. The sideshow became available for free, but the Whites decided that it would be a better idea to go with his services There is no better way to boost your self-confidence than with a better salary. This is where we go… and the time when we are in the house. Ahura, History will repeat.

Perfect for all parts

This is the time when football will start Proving that it is not necessary to go to the head of the current generation Within the right of Real Madrid. Carvajal recovered from his best form by shaking off injuries, and Lucas continued his collection as one of his best times at the Whites. In things, the sideline has always been clear that you want to stay at Real Madrid, and the talks with the club have been in good shape. There is no concrete residue to open up the renovation processSomething heartwarming, but It's all the same. The white club is fascinated by the performance of the football player, which he considers The best possible social level for Carvajal.

Lucas Vázquez: “Faltando 5' estbamos en una falta en contra y dicindonos…”

With all this, Lucas's scenario has three clear goals: ganar la champions, firmar la renovacin… y Soyo is la Eurocopa. Soma Esta Temporada 35 Partidos (27 La Liga and 8 Champions League) en los que There are markets in the world and there are 6 different places. Codes that will help you enter the menu of Luis de la Fuente. Nothing is impossible for the Madridista side.

His versatility in different positions and his experience in the White Club This includes contractual negotiations. Yes, this data Drylab Seitan al photobolista como The better side is in the basic aspects: Events created from the game, where you can get 50% of orders in the intended desires, clicking on the real competitor… This data accompanies a footballer who shines with a special light in the attacking piece. Todo a specialist. Yes, that's the side that sticks to it Various offers for air changeThey often use different colors to choose from. All that matters is that the renewal is on terms similar to reality and that the contract is in the same way.


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