Real Madrid: La estrategia y el desorden dan vida a Real Madrid y Barcelona

socios, but not tanto. Real Madrid and Barcelona in the Super League As a desperate need, but you should have only what you want. Not through sports management, nor through economic support. It's not all on the social level, but on the refereeing level, with the black state of the media, which is the Madridista character of the defender Le Suiu, and what the strong lady Todava is, and what Seydoux Blanc can be and never ends. Because of the circumstances in which everyone will continue the investigation. Please to do, compare each other and come to Zalacan. Cortisa Manda.

El Florentino Prez ms cercano: photos and posts with dozens of call enthusiastsTikTok / @henrygr126

Real Madrid will play El Clásico after attending the Champions League semi-final, which was not accidental, but rather turned into a routine. There are several presences of the last half of the last century competing in Europe over recent decades for the results of planning, strategy and understanding in a discourse that may be highly critical abroad, but which at home rises to the category of doctrine.

No renewal of this contract Carlo Ancelotti In December of last year, the Claro represents an example of the action where the white club is located, and the idea of ​​the idea is through the external anger. At this moment, I was talking about the comfort of change, about the necessity of taking a vacation Xabi Alonso, peru no, nada fu as. For the first time, since Florentino Pérez assumed the presidency in 2009, the coach renewed his contract over a certain period of time, because he considered the Italian to be the best possible coach for Real Madrid. He believes what he does.

What you didn't see from Real Madrid's match against City: Ancelotti's reaction to every penalty kick

The White Club is looking to attract talented youngsters, and applies a sporting standard to its legends, in order to fulfill the ultimate need. It has clearly shown at this time, through Benzema's career and subsequent injuries from central titles. Nothing modifies what is on the market and the strategy to be followed along the way, he decides, it does not occur to him, as long as he will spend time punishing the eternal rival, Barcelona.

DOS various equipment

Real Madrid has turned into a team that can be reconciled, with new footballers, but they appear for the sake of many stars that accept that they offer a specific project and a big brand, and that the kit and its balance are through everything, as it is it is also a club for Every football player. Florentino Pérez has enough time and is making it temporary. The final word was great, but José Ángel Sanchez executed it athletically, and it was built into a structure with Johnny Calafat, Solari, Butragio and the rest perfectly in sync.

For the opposite of Barcelona, ​​there are many people who come to the temporada in this country. The strategy is the good result that long periods of time can prove that many of these files did not contain the expected record. They are against the order. This is the reality.


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