Real Madrid: La emotiva confesin de Fede Valverde a Kroos en su mensaje de despedida

Fede ValverdeCompare average Tony CrossHe is a member of the Real Madrid team who is late in spreading his desperate message to the world but without a friend, he becomes one of the subtle and emotional people.

The Uruguayan realizes that she has completed her game alongside her grief, and regrets that she cannot be deprived of playing alongside everyone, as she made sure to learn like any ninjono.

Carta despedida de fide valverde and kroos

What's the matter with everything you do? Al que admirbamos, al que veamos on the tele and pensbamos “You want to be like this big person”

If Ramos is young and has a lot of imagination, he can soar until he enjoys the story in this wonderful way, which was so easy, so difficult Alcanzar.

This is New Foy Yu. This does not compliment your taste and play with the player who will continue to play.

It has an additional sense of nudity in its immensity, as this new enjoys playing with contigo diez aos ms, yam tambin, Toni. Because you don't like him anymore.

Let's go to the place where you live a new car and create something that you don't know, but they don't have personal belongings, but that's what they do; This is what makes you happy, and your love is there.

If connecting with Fede catches your attention because of your emotions, it couldn't be less Vinnie Message del Chara. “El Heredero de la 8”, Seal the tip, and ascend safely to the medullary muscle of the madridista del Halcín, which can acquire the dorsal legend of “Antonio”.

Kroos responded to Valverde's message

“I know what is very important to me. Because you want to be a player and a person. All you have to do is be the captain of this team in the future. You will still look forward to playing your part! You will wish you were talking about it.” Another topic…#8″.


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