Real Madrid: Kroos revela quin es su heredero en el Real Madrid: “Est listo para tomar el control”

Tony Cross In response to the promotion letter from Jude Bellingham on the occasion of his joining Real Madrid, after announcing his retirement, apunt que el centrocampista ingls “est listo para tomar el control” del guego del eppo en su osencia.

Bellingham goes after Cross

“Un ao no fue suffiente. Gracias por todo lo que has dado al juego, This was the absolute place where you could enjoy ftbol “Ya personalidad como aficionado y an ms como compaero de Equipo,” he wrote. Bellingham In social networks along with a sexy photo of Kroos.

English Enfoc Al This time she's back alongside Cross, the first conqueror of heroes., which will witness the world hexagon on June 1 at Wembley. “Todava queda trabajo por hacer esta temporada, pero te deseo todo lo mejor para lo que sea que venga a ti y tu familia. LEYENDA!”, aadi.

Kroos did not delay in responding to the announcement of his company, and he is the son of Bellingham, as the football coach at Real Madrid. “Thanks my friend. Ms aos juntos habran sido injustos Disfrut cada minuto desde que te uniste! This is what you list for control! Luce 20 years old…Cross wrote.


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