Real Madrid: Kroos, Modric, Carvajal y Nacho tendrn a Gento a tiro en Wembley

Hl name de Paco Gento (1933-2022) He turned 58 in the European Cup. Because it is possible to gain six months of great club competition. According to the media May 11, 1966, Como Captain Del Madrid yesthe team 100% in order to reconstitute the party in Brussels in order to take the trophy to the White House during the last five editions from 1956 to 1960.

During the ms de medio siglo period, this record seems to be one of those sporting activities that step by step is considered impossible to excel. But they say that any brand, for its impression, has a trace of flakiness. The Dominion and Solitario de Paco Gento You have a real safe first thing. Because there are four of your players real madrid You can move to your height if the white team had risen to 15 years ago six years ago in 1966. It is the result of a team that since 2014 has reached the finals six times and has achieved a lot of victories in the last five years La Di Wembley.

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Madrid is looming large in Europe in 2014 and is in the veritable factory of three players. All three, straight away, are great captains and have won five Champions Leagues with those who have started at the club over time. Karim Benzema.

Kroos: Madrid 4 – Bayern 1

For all Madrid players, Toni Kroos is the one who can score his goal while feeling the loss of the final. I was living in our house in 2012, when Chelsea won the final on penalties with Bayern at Allianz.

You can also do this Alaba Werdiger, What can you get with another shirt. And at Wembley. Since he started English in 2013, before that Borussia Dortmund. Other people who have the title of Real Madrid player.

Note of despair from Kroos: “It's not easy for me, but the right decision”

She will prepare for the Champions League with Real Madrid on September 16, 2014, before the match Basilia. Of the 109 entries that White collected in the Queen's competition, he ranked fourth in the final, winning the title of each one of them. London represents the last chance of her career that she is considering during the European Cup as such.

Nacho, captain of the decimal

The first head is Nacho. Sue debuted at no European Cup It was renewed on December 4, 2012, by Ajax. In the Lisbon final, we will not visit the other four in Kiev, when Carvajal beat Liverpool. He will join London as Ridiger's rival in the last three-time champions, but with Militao legend. It will be up to you to pay attention to the decision.

Nacho collected 69 matches in the Spanish League.

Matthijs de Ligt attacks Bayern against Real Madrid: “El nea me dijo que cometi un error”Tenth: @BEINSPORTS_EN

Carvajal, captain of Valdebebas

Return de Dani CarvajalThe city of Madrid coincides with the opening of the FIFA World Cup (ESA) which coincides with the FIFA World Cup (Martes en). Valdebebas Like “impressionist”. Después de ao cedido en el Leverkusen I returned in the 2013-2014 season, which was a success in Lisbon, and discovered the circle that had not yet ended. UEFA was with his life team on 17 September 2013, before the match against Galatasaray. In every five finals, one title was released over two: Milan and Kiev, only on the gates of two final rounds by selection.

The list of his Champions League appearances is 88.

Carvajal: “La dcada que hemos hecho es impresionante”

Modric, Lisbon Street

The city of Madrid can only live and understand its last days in the 93rd minute of Lisbon. Sergio Ramos They are the duo at this moment, but history was not affected by what he was hiding in the horse's bag: Luka Modric. The Croatian name is sacred Real Madrid. It's leyenda entre las leyendas. Y sud deseo es seguir sindolo, to gogador with MS Edad que haya defido do la camiseta Blanca and dejar atrs mito, Puskas.

Glier: “I was shocked by Modric when I was Lama Hermano”Sportskava

Modric's 119th participation in the tournament with Real Madrid, the first match before the match Manchester city (18-9-2012). In the five finals, the last minute of the final was played by Liverpool in Saint-Denis.


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