Real Madrid: Dani y Lucas, lo nunca visto en la banda derecha del Madrid

“Envideo a todo aquel que el amor ha contrado, que lo mo no es de ir de flor en flor, que de soso ya me he cansado”Reda is part of La Cancin de Andy and Lucas Con la que Conquistaron los corazones de los los espaoles In 2003, thank you “Tanto la cura”. Yes that comes to the letter, el real madrid This terminus is connected to this time in the next literate, the environmental environment. Europe For your complicity and adaptability, Que This timer is only one number constant that has never been seen in the White Club. As Las Cosas, Danny and Lucas, the embodiment of musical football, have turned into the MS Letal duo 'Made in' No fabrication.

Charla de Lucas Vazquez with two colors changes everything in the penalty shootout at Al-Ittihad

El Capitan Dani Carvajal (32 years old), under contract until 2025; y Lucas Vasquez (33 years old), under the contract concluded in 2024, and looking to renew it, he will complete it completely. The surname is “2” white, this is not a man, who returned home in 2013 I have shown Tras hacer la mili en Alemania vala on countless occasions. Fusion of your defensive and attacking skills for the Ancelotti Creed Consistency and depth are essential to achieving your competition's goal. There are many types of lesions, Carvajal recovered from his best words: 5 shots and 5 assists in 39 matches. But with lateral there is only what keeps you counting the big numbers. Make like the largest equipmentDespite the first confrontation with Nacho and Modric, and the playing system (4-3-2-1) allows both sides to dispense with offensive work. The tremendous assistance provided by Fede Valverde has meant that the Real Madrid squad has become the number one weapon of the national team.

Good adaptability

Real Madrid seeks to achieve a balance between plant stability and the environment for continuous improvement It is one of the cloves for the night to the temporadas for the night. YC Carvajal, Quizzes the best sideline from the club's historyIt's constant at the best of times… Lucas Vazquez no longer exists. The Italian managed these parcels perfectly and when it was necessary to rotate them to clear them or simply to get them done for everyone, The Lucas card for the cup and the solid ones will be used in their current situation.

Lucas Vázquez: “Faltando 5' estbamos en una falta en contra y dicindonos…”

Since its launch in 2015, football has participated in the FIFA World Cup for the first time An extraordinary ability to adapt and realize her role In equipment. Gear man, key in any outfit, I knew the opportunities I had to enjoy the time. As Las Cosas, This time Lucas recorded 3 shots and 8 assists in 36 matches. The combination of laterals was used to record a single number of people: between the two Han Fabredo 21 rounds It's time to eat at the cohesin and at home.

When Marcelo comes to us on 16/17

Quin tuvo, retuvo: Marcelo's amazing control that went viral

Countless people will not see in the correct range. Para encontrar algo parecido habra que retroceder hasta la temporada 2009/10, End to Sergio Ramos as a side right. aquil ao, The duo, Ramos Arbeloa, contributed 13 goals (6 tons and 7 aids), a large number of these are temporary numbers. On 14/15, Carvajal and Arbeloa combined for 12 goals (2 tons and 10 passes) On temporada 18/19, this time Carvajal and Odriozola participated in 13 matches (2 tons and 11 passes). To understand the difficulty of recording, there is no better way to analyze the data that is removed from the scope, which is always dominated by brilliance and attack. Lamporada 17/18, Marcelo – 5 times and 11 assists, and Theo is involved in 18 goals (5 tons and 13 passes), and 3 numbers from Danny and Lucas. Adams, In Time 16/17, Better since Marcelo Cefras, who has 3 shots and 13 assists… can't meet Madrid's actual range because Coentrao was only helping with an assist..


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