Real Madrid: Courtois, otra vez en plena forma

They see many other things in this world Madrid-thousands To be a part of what no one else is good at. Bueno, Madrid, S. First, honor, by this play at home Bernabo y, then, to continue without losing a part, follow Marcando Jules, and Pichichi a can be done Bellingham maybe. Yes guys like that Courtois and Militao You will need to share it with others, but you won't be able to do anything with it

Ass el Madrid del rendimiento de quienes ocuparon sus puestos. Budo Comprobar


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I retreated to the great gate. Get a new update. Protect a brass door with a piece of tomato and a wave of peeling hair


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It seems like something of a lento and a redemption, but while Nacho plays as if she has nothing to do with what she is occupied with


. There was no initial match in order for Real Madrid to win the match, but Peru Hizo 1-0, they continued to run with two rounds of goals, and Alaves achieved victory over Altoala and Real Madrid Deo by playing flowers. Yes, millijoules.


which is 1-0, can happen with the pichichi de habercillo propuisto, but in the time of meters of joules Darlos, Uno A


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Arda Jalir

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. Nothing like that.

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